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Pasello Trattamenti Termici srl

Calderara Di Reno (Bo), Emilia Romagna


Since February 1999, we have been operating in the field of the heat treatment of metal alloys. We are a young company, but we can count on the many years of experience of our employees, and in particular on the experience our CEO and owner has gained since 1970. As a guarantee to our customers, we have certified our quality management system according to UNI EN ISO-9001: 2008. For our customers in the automotive field, we operate according to the AIAG CQI-9 specification with the ISO-TS16949 certification. We own all the processes that we use in our services and therefore offer treatments tailored to fulfill the specific needs of our clients. All treatments are managed with automatic lines. More than 52 heat treatments in atmosphere and in vacuum We own all the processes that we use in our services Our services are used by customers operating in a variety of fields: Motor sports, Medical, Automatic Machinery, Oil hydraulics, Earthmoving, Oil & Gas, Speed Reducers and many others.

Capricorn Fonderia srl

Modena, Emilia Romagna

Aluminium sand casting foundry specialized in supplying just casted and machined castings for sample production, small and medium series. 


Modena, Emilia Romagna

ForTest designs and manufactures leak testing and flow testing equipment. Always with an eye on innovation, since 2012 the company has been based in Modena in the former Maserati factories and boasts clients in Italy and around the world, working in many sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, oil hydraulic, irrigation, mechanical, electronics, biomedical and packaging.

STV Machinery Packaging Solutions

Basilicanova-Parma, Emilia Romagna

  • Food packaging machinery manufacturers for food liquid and dense products Filler; cappers, and thermal treatment tunnels. In glass jars, plastic, pet, and cans containers.


Fosso Ghiaia (RA), Emilia Romagna


Metalltech do this manufacturing steps: - Carpentry and assembling; - Certificated Manual MIG/MAG Welding; - Robot MIG/MAG Welding for large-series production - Machining with milling-boring machines - Machining with 5-axis machining centers - Quality control using precision control arms Tipically we supply a complete product, with painting and requested treatment done by our suppliers partners. Mainly we sell our services in the following sectors: 1 - Earth moving drilling machines: turnkey structural components as arms and frames; 2 - Automotive: machining large-series with 5-axis machining centers; 3- Wind Turbines mechanical components and structural components.


San Martino In Rio, Emilia Romagna


a new challenge for the future, together.OMP is a reliable partner, able to offer a wide range of machining capabilities and services to those Companies and market sectors looking for decreasing the number of suppliers and sub-suppliers, cost savings, quality, control and traceability of the whole production processes.


ZOLA PREDOSA (Bo), Emilia Romagna



The main processing is the mass production of metal items, mainly brass obtained by hot stamping.

Through the construction of the molds we start from the raw material that is hot deformed, separated from the scrap by shearing to obtain a rough object, which depending on the needs can be finished with the recovery operations, at the base remains a craftsmanship that unites the High technology allows us to create objects of high quality, precision and attention to detail.

Brass moldings are high quality details deriving from hot deformation, have a higher density than other processes and are free of defects.

Production in series helps to obtain a low cost of the accessory and is indispensable when specific design problems must be solved, combining our know-how we are able to offer improved and less expensive items while maintaining high quality.

We also produce cold-pressed articles and products by cold stamping of sheet metal and coining, performed by shearing and articles produced with automatic precision milling machines.

Milling machines are also used to rapidly build prototypes to be tested before being put into production.




Cosmec S.r.l. was founded in 1977 and has established its market presence by developing new ideas and demonstrating a flexible, dynamic approach and willingness to analyse and solve the special needs of installers and industry. Leader in the production of electrical installation protection systems, Cosmec S.r.l. was the first Italian company to introduce on the market light-weight rigid metal systems with high standards of electrical continuity and water tightness for areas particularly subject to fire risk, developing a range of system solutions. In addition to the product certification granted in 1991, in April 1999 the entire Cosmec S.r.l. corporate management system was UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.

Aldo Bolognesi Sas

Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna


Company Profile Since 1960,our company has focused on design and construction ofmolds and presswork with plastic materials.Our facilities include a technical office for study and design ofmolds and a workshop with numerical control and electro-erosion machining centres.Today,processing of injection and heat hardening thermo-plastics under compression is performed by very modern computer-controlled presses with capacities of up to 12000gr.,with the possibility of gas-assisted injection.Moreover,technical ensure the quality of the finished product.We were among the first to recognise quality certification as an opportunity for our own growth and as warranty for our clients.In short,we were awarded such certification as early as 1997.

Arte Ferro srl

Sant' Agata Feltria, Emilia Romagna


The "Arte Ferro s.r.l." is a company that has decades of experience in the manufacture of iron, which in a short time has established itself in the field of design, manufacture and installation of elements and compositions of wrought iron and wrought, providing a high quality "made ​​to measure.Convinced to optimize and improve their production processes, our company has decided to adapt to the provision of certification for the quality management system ISO9001: 2008, and True quality management in the process of welding ISO 3834-2, obtaining the relevant certification by the Italian Register of Shipping RINA and deploying security personnel trained and certified in NDT methods VT-MT-PT and professionals EWF / IIW IWI (International Welding Inspector) qualified to fill the role of "welding coordinator," after these results we have obtained registration with the Board of Public Works as a Center of transformation for steel, currently our company in the field of structural carpentry produces:


Serravalle (FE), Emilia Romagna


CIERRE is born in 1970 and is a group of 145 people. The firm work assub-contractors (EMS, ODM) for design and and production of electric equipments, electronics and elettrotecnic. CIERRE ha a sistem certified TUV ISO9001and 14001. The production may be certificed UL-CSA and ATEX. The firm and structured with Commercial office, office Purchase, Technical Office, RD. Main busines unit are around Electronic equipments, electric, elettrotecnic, such as: Electronic BoardPTH SMT card with lines from 30.000 component, functional test, passivation. Harness Wiring cables extracts single, multiway, special cables, moulded built, cables of signal on table shaped with elevated number of conductors. Cables are functionally tested. Signal and Power cables 0,12 mmq up to 210mmq. flat cable, special cables. Power assembly,UPS, Inverter, solar inverter, converters, power supply, battery charger. All on specifications and applications of the client, also RHOS.


MODENA, Emilia Romagna


Laroy.Srl born in 2005 from the merger of the New Royalpress Ltd. and immediately turns his production activity of metallic items, derived from the processing of sheet metal in all its commercial and technical types, aluminum, stainless steel.Laroy is offering purely molded articles, semi-finished and compounds, finished products and packaged ready for sale, and has the object to provide the industry, accurate, precise and 2005, he obtained the UNI ISO 9001 : 2000, which has enabled it to position itself in a market segment which is still fair.The production is exported to foreign countries and in particular in France, Austria and Germany, especially for finished OE semi-finished products.The activity is aimed at various sectors: production of home appliances, automotive, filtration, electronic, naval and civil frigoria industrial, construction, metal office furniture, garden equipment, laying ceramic machines, mail boxes, etc.Laroy is also able to offer its customers a technical and highly professional construction services for the production of equipment required for the realization of the products that the customer intends to manufacture.the equipment entrusted loan of use, can be managed both in terms of maintenance, both for changes, upgrades, or proposals for technical improvements.the company makes use of mechanical and hydraulic presses with power levels up to 1200 Tons.The molding is performed both in the traditional way, manually by operator, or automatically.For automated production, we use coil lines for progressive dies, the autobracci and presses aligned transference waterfall, or coil mm.1000x3 precesoiati developments, with 800Ton press.having mechanical hydraulic blank holder and pallet mm.4200x2000.Laroy srl is conducted entirely by Giugni family, present in the sector since 1976.

Ferrari Technology srl

, Emilia Romagna


Ferrari Technology ensures a total and made-to-measure response for manufacturers of competition vehicles and not only. The company specialises in the manufacture of prototypes and mechanical components for Formula 1, MotoGp, Superbike aerospace and machine tools, as well as the supply of high-tech services. Quality (with ISO 9001 and EN 9100 Certification and metrological lab checks and again penetrants), Quickness (with the total respect of deliveries and with fast-service delivery), Competence (with an industry experienced team ensuring teamwork with customers) and Innovation (with research and engineering activities) make Ferrari Technology an added-value and reliable partner. The company is recognised by Miur (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) as an Authorised Laboratory for scientific and technological research and receives job-orders from companies and engineering studios developing new-concept prototypes and mechanical components. Companies signing a research contract with Ferrari Technology may be subsidized with free grants covering up to half of the investment. Over and above design, construction, surface and heat treatments/finishing, final testing and controls, test on new-concept materials and industrialisation studies, Ferrari Technology also provides assembly service and supplies kits of complex kind to job-order. All sectors and services are available at

GILLI S.r.l.

Casalecchio Di Reno- -Bologna-, Emilia Romagna


Automatic turning from bar of precision we realize every year over 2.500.000 of turned components , in middle-big batches, on sketches and specifications of the customer, in a dimensional field from diameter 2 up to diameter 100, special resumption operations up to diameter 250, use materials that go from the brass to the stainless steels, from the plastic subjects to the aluminum leagues, for the more different market sectors: from the electronics to the medical, from the furnishings to the feeding, to the components for compressed gas for human use or for truck and car.

EGO International Group srl

Rimini, Emilia Romagna


CONNECTING BUYERS WITH SUPPLIERS EGO International Group connects international buyers with the best Italian companies in the engineering sector. Since 2002 EGO International uses a studio of skilled engineers and experts, "Studio EGO Engineering", in order to present to all buyers, coming from all parts the world, the quality and professionalism of Made in Italy. Customers who choose to use EGO International service will have a free technical and linguistic support and the ability to get quotes and unlimited commissions at no costs. We are present in the mechanical/chemical processing, engineering and construction fields. In particular we provide products related to specific components and devices and services such as manufacturing, moulding, casting, milling, turning, boring, drilling etc. The company gives new life to businesses, thanks to a qualified team of export managers, employees and experienced professionals, providing an excellent linguistic, commercial and technical support. EGO International offers an ad hoc customer service that is able to analyze foreign markets and drive effective business negotiations. With a portfolio of over 3000 customers and 4000 Italian foreign buyers, the company provides a complete support thanks to native speakers, able to offer an efficient service of translation and linguistic international mediation. EGO has its international Headquarters in Italy, but it is widely present all over the world: its international representative offices are located in Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, UAE and Egypt. Since its establishment, EGO International Group stands for experience, quality and dynamism which are crucial steps to provide a transparent and always updated service in a global market that is in constant transformation.

Iron Casting

Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna

  • Fonderia di Seconda fusione.

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