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, Campania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


  • Medtech Engineering srl, was born from the many years of experience of its founders in the engineering sector, such know-how was transferred to employees thus forming a highly specialized, reliable and punctual team. THE strengths of the team are the continuous training to optimize the production solutions and therefore the costs, the knowledge of the most widespread regulatory systems in use and the guarantee of compliance with these standards.
  • The industrial sectors of interest are: - Aeronautics - Automotive - Railway - Naval - Food - Oil and gas pipelines The skills acquired to date allow us to offer the following services: - Design of mechanical equipment (assembly steps, molds, mechanisms automatic ....; - Precision Mechanical Machining by CNC; - Intervention team at the customer (on national and international territory)

Sigma Tek Inc.

Augusta, Kansas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Founded in 1983, Sigma Tek Inc. manufactures and distributes aviation instruments, and accessories for the light aircraft general aviation industry.

We specialize in CNC Milling and Turning of smaller precision parts holding tolerances as low as +/-.0001".

We have the ability to machine parts up to the following sizes:

  • 40"x20" for milling
  • 9.75" Diameter for turning
  • 72" x 144" for waterjet cutting.

Capecchi Srl

Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), Toscana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Capecchi has been operating in the precision mechanics sector since 1962.

The production ranges from small and medium-sized mechanical precision parts, up to assembled groups and mechanisms.

Over the years the company, manufacturing from individual parts to finished products, has consolidated and affirmed its experience in various sectors: laser technology, industrial automation, durometry, stereocartography and topography, radar, ophthalmology, textile and biomedical industry. For the railway industry it produces gauges for the control of rolling stock.

Thanks to the modern machinery and technologies used, Capecchi is able to produce equipment on commission and customer design.

A T L A Srl

5.00 (1)

LEINI, Piemonte


A.T.L.A. Is a sheet steel and tube service center located close to Torino townA.T.L.A. since 1985 sell sheet and tubes steel pre-worked: cutted, bended and electro-welded structures in medium and heavy thickness.A.T.L.A. is an UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 qualified company by DNV.A.T.L.A.'s range activity:LASER Sheet cutting systems with working area up to 2,000 x 6,000 mm. Useful for carbon steel up to 30 mm, stainless steel up to 20 mm and aluminium alloys up to 15 mm. PLASMA HD cutting systems with working area up to 3,200 x 24,000 mm and thickness up to 60 mm, with bevels automatic system. OXI-CUTTING systems with working area up to 3,000 x 24,000 mm and thickness up to 350 mm. BENDING systems with lengths up to 10000 mm and thickness up to 15 mm and possibility to bend automatically with robot for pieces up to 350 Kg weight. LASER Tubes cutting systems for length up to 6500 mm and up to 300 mm diameter for thickness up to 12 mm.CARPENTRY in medium and large sizes having certified welder operators, possibility to manage structure weight up to 25 ton. System of automatic welding robot Fanuc / Fronius particular year 2016 up to 15,000 mm in length and 3000 mm in diameter. MECHANICAL department with two work centers (2016) 3 and 4-axis machining with high production capacity. A.T.L.A.'s factory area is about 10,000 covered sq. m. within a large around area using many cranes having different power size from 3 to 25 tons.

MRS Machining

5.00 (1)

Augusta, Wisconsin


Roger Guse began M.R.S. Machining Co., Inc. in 1986. He started machining small jobs in his garage. Once he became too busy, he brought his son, Matt, into the business. Today, Roger, Matt and their wives Nancy and Vicki make up the Board of Directors. As a minority owned business, M.R.S.Machining has prospered over the last 21 years and has enjoyed continuous growth. The machine shop now occupies over 20,000 square feet and is located in the Augusta, Wisconsin Industrial Park. Approximately 30 employees make up the production staff, with approximately 13 employees making up the support staff and management team. The hours of operation are split between two shifts. Additionally, M.R.S. was recently voted among the Nation's Top 10 Machine Shops by American Machinist magazine. Our Production Department has made huge strides in the last few years. All machining centers include a computer station where all processes and procedures are generated and saved in the network. Typically each job is documented with inspection sheets, job notes, numbered prints, photographs and videos for future reference. M.R.S. Machining continues to grow today. In 2007, a 5,000 square foot addition was built to house the new Education Center for machine shop training, to accommodate more machining equipment, and to provide sorely needed storage. All departments were growing and in need of more space. Other building improvements include air conditioning the main machine shop floor. This has been a tremendous relief for all machinists as well as for the machines. M.R.S. Machining continually strives to be cutting edge, using up to the minute technology, doing whatever it takes to be a better company for its customers as well as for its employees.


CAPRIOLO, Lombardia



Alltech Srl is organized for a specific purpose/Our target lies on a precise assumption: “to be a sure reference point for companies which are seeking a reliable business partner, who is available and skilled at producing technical components in plastic material and at the plastic and rubber molding". Alltech Srl was established from the merger of several companies and their experiences in different fields, with the social purpose of planning and producing printed articles in plastic materials, polymers and rubber. Some of our products have been watches accessories, such as straps, in which the particular technology that has been applied (license of process UICEG of our property) enabled us to cooperate with prestigious companies. Our equipment has been automated with robot, manipulators, and completed with systems for decoration, cut and packing in order to provide our customers with a product ready to be sold. Our customers are assisted from the very beginning of the planning stage

Pasello Trattamenti Termici srl

Calderara Di Reno (Bo), Emilia Romagna


Since February 1999, we have been operating in the field of the heat treatment of metal alloys. We are a young company, but we can count on the many years of experience of our employees, and in particular on the experience our CEO and owner has gained since 1970. As a guarantee to our customers, we have certified our quality management system according to UNI EN ISO-9001: 2008. For our customers in the automotive field, we operate according to the AIAG CQI-9 specification with the ISO-TS16949 certification. We own all the processes that we use in our services and therefore offer treatments tailored to fulfill the specific needs of our clients. All treatments are managed with automatic lines. More than 52 heat treatments in atmosphere and in vacuum We own all the processes that we use in our services Our services are used by customers operating in a variety of fields: Motor sports, Medical, Automatic Machinery, Oil hydraulics, Earthmoving, Oil & Gas, Speed Reducers and many others.

C.P.S. uno s.r.l.

Caldogno, Veneto

Design / Engineering Firm


Our company is specialised in the designing and manufacturing of moulds for plastics, rubber and thermosetting materials, both for injection and compression moulding and for aluminium and zamak alloy pressure die-casting.

Capricorn Fonderia srl

Modena, Emilia Romagna

Aluminium sand casting foundry specialized in supplying just casted and machined castings for sample production, small and medium series. 


Modena, Emilia Romagna

ForTest designs and manufactures leak testing and flow testing equipment. Always with an eye on innovation, since 2012 the company has been based in Modena in the former Maserati factories and boasts clients in Italy and around the world, working in many sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, oil hydraulic, irrigation, mechanical, electronics, biomedical and packaging.

F.lli Severgnini Officine Meccaniche Srl

Caravaggio, Lombardia

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

F.lli Severgnini Officine Meccaniche, an Italian company founded in 1954 and certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

We are specialized in mechanical machining on customer drawing and in particular in Milling and Drilling processes.

We produce parts in small, medium and large batches from 100 up to 1000 pcs.

Dimension from ø 50mm*h 50mm up to ø 1250mm*h 1250mm.

We work all ferrous and non-ferrous materials (cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel etc.)

Our core business consists of:

1. Machining of the components for agricultural and earth moving machines:

Arms, Lifting rods, Sleeves, Covers, Brake disc, Planet gear holder hubs etc ..

2. Machining of the components for oleodynamic industry: Steam exchangers, 3-way valves, aluminum distributor blocks etc.

 Machining Centers:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal with up to 20 pallets
  • Horizontal with FMS on 2 levels
  • Broaching department 
  • Turning department

Production and quality control:

  • Using appropriate measuring instruments on-board machine
  • Three-dimensional inspection machines HEXAGON DEA in a dedicated room


  • Surface heat treatment
  • High-frequency tempering
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Painting

L.M.A. srl

5.00 (1)

Poncarale (BS), Lombardia


Mr Vezzoli has been for thirty years in close contact with engineers and design offices in various fields, were entrusted to him the most delicate tasks, assisting clients to provide innovative solutions, that only a great experience and creativity could give . With this know-how is that Mr. Vezzoli in 1997 and based LMA and is an immediate success, his intuition to build around himself and technology services company specializing in extrusion in particular proves successful. LMA is in an area of 2,200 square meters and combines sophisticated technology and human skills for quality that allow LMA to address the various problems of his customers with the highest reliability and the experience gained in machining with CNC machines, the curvature in the die, the extrusion and surface treatment as part of production and quality. We carry out work by removing tool, drawing, cutting, bending and welding and also offer our customers even packaging and assembly. We also have a "creative workshop" that allows to use aluminum in a creative way, thanks to its lightness, strength and ductility.


5.00 (1)

Torino, Piemonte


Founded in 1950 by Carlo Piacenza, the company has a longstanding experience in the field of mechanical processing for chip removal.From the initial business consisting of lathing jobs only, the company's range of activities has expanded through the years up to the current structure, which includes almost all kinds of processing jobs. Significant investments in advanced technologies have been made since the end of the 1990s in order to be able to access the most demanding markets. Piacenzameccanica covers a surface area of 2500 square meters.The company's policy, which is constantly up-to-date on technological novelties offered by the market, has led to important and continuous investments in new tooling machines and equipment. The machinery fleet consists of 20 C.N.C. tooling machines, 7 of which are 5-axis work centres that can carry out the requested processing on five sides with a single positioning, thus improving accuracy and reducing execution times. A new-generation software, with terminals on board each machine, monitors in real time the production progress and schedules the following processing jobs. In 2008, the company adopted a Quality System certified ISO 9001-08 that is constantly updated and improves itself continuously.


5.00 (1)

Brescia, Lombardia


The Company started its activity in 1969. It is operating and located in Northern Italy. The factory has a surface of 550 m2, administrative office and production, and a staff of 12 person including the owner and his son directly involved in the activity.The production (for 20% addressed towards national customers and for remaining 80% dedicated to European customers) is specialized in details that demand precision. The production spaces on several fields with prevalence of defense, aviation industry, robotics, textile industry and dental medical industryThe combination of a flexible structure and a powerful park machine allow us to offer mechanical products of high precision at competitive prices and give us an outstanding position on the market.


5.00 (1)

Sirone (LC), Lombardia


For over fourty years Ng Rusconi provides their demanding customers with their know-how in machinery. It is the affidability, accuracy and ensuring good quality at good prices that we go through every challange. How can we maximise quality and still keeping competitive prices? That is made possible by great organization, choice of proper material and production abilities. The quality required by our client is provided in every projects, weather it is production of prototypes, small or big produtions. The manufactures that our customers usually require are lathing and milling, as well as steel and aluminium manufacturing. We are specialized in the production, construction and assemblage of parts in the robotics field, aerospace and aeronautics. Our production is located in Lecco, near Milan, to facilitate our connections with foreign customers. Recently we have added a production line in Asia in order to manage bigger production required by customers. In this case we are able to guarantee the high quality production that has been characterizes us for fourty years. Ng Rusconi's mission is to guarantee quality, precision, affidability and passion for work. It is through these principles that we satisfy each one of our clients, everyday, from Lecco to the rest of the world. We are in since 2013 and on our profile you contact us. Feel free to ask any question you have. Our competent staff is ready to answear you in the major languages of the industry market.


4.17 (6)

Assoro, Sicilia


NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. is a machine shop able to produce all kind of complex parts in different dimensions and quantities. NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. pride ourselves in providing their customers best quality and service available from the design to the production release of final product. Lots of European buyers given to this supplier a lot of evaluation in the platform Is possible to read and have access to comments of the buyers on the profile in NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. in based in Sicily in Italy and have a superficies of 25000 mq of extension so there is no problem of big dimension of parts and also high volume if productions. NEBIOLO HT S.r.l. is an integrated contract manufacturer with project management capabilities to solve all the technical manufacturing challenges. In particular this machine shop is able to provide: CNC Milling, 4th axis mill capabilities, milling, turning, surface grinding, fabrication, laser cutting, with all the latest technologies in advanced milling techniques.


5.00 (3)

Romano Canavese, Piemonte


Assel srl represents the evolution of a decades-old experience of high craftsmanship in the field of precision - mecanics technologies and assemblages. Ours esperience in producing dot matrix printheads has enabled us to operate in other fields of computer hardware as well as in those of office automation, devices and all kinds of operations requiring mecanical or electro-mecanical support, e.g. welding and manual or automated assemblig. Besides that Assel operate on the engineering field : provide prototypes and small series components, plan and produce devices and equipements to processing and testing automation, for herself and customers. Technological research and substantial investments in appliances and automation have resulted in highly skilled workers, all of whom operatewithin ISO 9001/2008 (DNV Certification)


GRONE, Lombardia



Certified ISO 9001-2008, AKRON performs the transformation of thermoplastics (PC, PVC, ABS, POM, PEEK, LCP ... ) in medium and large series, by injection process. We also produce molds ( max . Dimensions: 805 X 1300 and min . 65 x 65). We have a fleet of 83 presses from 6 to 650 tons, and 7 vertical presses. We are specialized in micro- molding very small precision parts in optimum quality thanks to our latest generation of measuring instruments ( OGP) . We also offer the study of projects "turnkey " , from research to the production of your industrial plastic parts, technical and aesthetic. Our low-cost assembly site will allow you to have on hand a finished product, in the image of your company.


Carate Brianza, Lombardia



Welcome to Airwork, an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the designing, manufacturing and selling of standard and customized solutions in the pneumatic automation industrial field.

A strong passion for products, push our Company towards a continue development and innovation process in a field which is continuously changing.

In our catalogue you can find pneumatic cylinders and actuators, valves and electrovalves, air treatment units and fittings; these are the four product families that lots of new customers are choosing and are appreciating.

AirWork is part of a big and consolidated Group, with UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, who is operating from 25 years in many industrial fields and boasts a modern and proven designing system, an always up-to-date and powerful machinery, dedicated lines for products assembling and testing thanks to the highest standard of detection and quality control.

The experience and skills of AirWork staff is the added value to the efficient organization and high standards of quality.

All these elements make AirWork ambitious to reach new and bigger goals through a continuous innovation of our products, with the aim to satisfy all our customers requests.


5.00 (1)

Monastier Di Treviso, Veneto


We produce high precision systems and mechanical components on customer request, and we assure the best performance and results working closely with the client's engineering office. Our reference in high precision mechanical production last since the 1981 due to the care we have for the quality of the client's product development.


DOGLIANI, Piemonte

...ALMEC SpA is an Italian company that offers electronic, mechatronic and IoT solutions for automotive, construction and building, waste collection and agricolture sectors. We design and produce electronic control units (ECUs), PLCs, operatror panels, consoles, transimtters and radio controls in the CAN bus network, as well as actuators and safety sensors. We supply remote diagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocation systems (IoT Gateway) that are used on many types of machines (construction site, urban hygiene, agricultural, transport, etc.). We offer complete automation systems, guaranteeing both the development of the hardware part and the development of the software part, and integrations into pre-existing CAN bus networks. Our company constantly invest in research and development, it collaborates with various entities towards continuous innovation and, trough our team of technicians and programmers characterized by strong professional and creative skills, and which guarnatees prompt and efficient technical assistence, deals with the implementation of projects designed specifically for the need of its customers. Our customers choose and rely on our electronics in different parts of the world because we ensure quality, cutting-edge products and technology with high added value.

Guidolin Srl

Padova, Veneto

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Mechanical manufacturing company with 50 years experience on precision mechanical machining of cast iron components for multinational customers in the off highway industry, air compressor industry and other sectors.

We offer turning and milling services of small and medium series components.

Our shop floor is equipped with highly technological machines, mainly Mazak multipallet work centers and Famar vertical lathes.

We have been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Paradigm Industries

Parma, Idaho

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


A manufacturing and engineering company based out of Idaho.

Texas Underground, Inc.

4.00 (1)

Cornedo Vicentino (VI), Veneto


Texas Underground has been serving Texas ever since 1986. Pearland has been our main office for many years. We have multiple locations in Pearland, TX and Dallas, TX. We provide equipment solutions for many towns and cities in Texas. Contact our sales department to find out how we can help your city.

STV Machinery Packaging Solutions

Basilicanova-Parma, Emilia Romagna

  • Food packaging machinery manufacturers for food liquid and dense products Filler; cappers, and thermal treatment tunnels. In glass jars, plastic, pet, and cans containers.

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