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Company Profile - Fast Facts- Established in 1975.- Privately owned company.- Business - Precision milling, turning and mechanical assembly of aerospace quality parts.- Main certifications - ISO9002:2000, AS9100.- Facility - ~2,000 sq. meters. - Employees - ~80. Our MissionTo successfully implement values of high quality and on time delivery, advanced technologies and techniques and competitive pricing - all in order to provide our customers the highest quality machined parts. In Admar we see ourselves as an extension of our customer's development and manufacturing process and as a key contributor to the success of this partnership. Scope of Business- Engineering services - consulting on product development for cost effective and high quality production.- Precision Machining and Assemblies - * Raw material includes - aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, kovar, plastics and sorts of castings. * Capabilities include manufacturing of small or large quantities series as well as extremely complexed and accurate prototypes. * Including all complementary procedures required by the customer such as thermal treatment, coating, painting, engraving, printing, welding and more. - Quality control services.

Agam Metal Corporation Ltd

Haifa Bay, Hefa


Agam corporation was founded in 1972, with over 40 years of experience the corporation developed into the spearhead and the backbone of the Israeli industry. Our quality footprint may be seen currently everywhere: infrastructure, bridges, high rises, tunnels, heavy construction, defense industries and more, both in Israel and all over the world. The corporation has 3 metal production and processing plants on a total area of 50,000 square feet, concentrating the most modern advanced technology for cutting, sheet metal processing, punching, bending and welding steel, stainless steel and special metals in different widths and dimention. The corporation has engineering departments, providing the best production solutions, including cost and viability calculations for projects and/or products through means of cost savings, whilst taking into account each and every client requirements and schedules. The corporation employs 400 strong work force that upholds a code of ethic and strict procedures ensuring the highest possible level of service and quality for the corpoprations customers in Israel and overseaes.

A.Termika Ltd

Nesher, Hefa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We offer the portable installation HVOF Termika-3 reliable and simple to service for sale. Our portable HVOF Termika-3 can be used on large plants and farms, so and on small factories and repair workshops,civil and military ships,military technical repair bases and go on.Has an external burner (OD) and three variants of the internal (ID)

-for dia 85-90 mm,L=1m

-for dia 75 mm,L=0.6 m

-for handle coat inside non-circular holes,L=0.6 m.

Price depending of  package bundle is $12,000-19,000.

With our installation FS Termika-2 may be coated all kinds of powders for Flame Spray and plastics and Babbitt.

In addition to the installation FS Termika-2 can be attached of devices for soldering , surfacing of and cutting metals and for inside deposition in tubes.

Price depending of  package bundle is $4,000-7,000.

We propose additive for HVOF WC+Co powders. The resulting coating has a wear resistance of 8-10 times higher than conventional coatings.

High efficiency of additives reason is that it includes of the synthetic diamond powder.And it is a very wear resistant material.


A.Termika Ltd

Nesher, Hefa

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House





ATTN: Technical and Production managers.

 Dear Sirs,

 The firm A.Termika Ltd (Israel) offer you the portable installations HVOF ""Termika-3"" ( outside and inside burners) and Flame Spray Termika-2 for deposition of industrial coatings (wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and. etc.).


More information on our sites:  , ,;

Mobile site address is: ;;


Look clip about HVOF gun  Termika-3 in action on ,user boriseizner .


NEW! Stamps repair by HVOF Termika-3! Look clips:  ,

  As has shown long-term experience Termika-2 and Termika-3 distinguished from existing today in the market by ease  in   exploitation, compactness ,reliability and price.

  With the help of FS Termika-2 and HVOF  Termika-3 it is possible to put coatings from all kinds of FS and HVOF  powders.

  The cost of our equipment is significantly lower than offered by other firms. This is due to the fact that we have 30 years experience in the field of powder coatings , which allowsus to optimize all parts of our equipment,without inserting in it nothing excess.

  Such installations Termika-2 and Termika-3 should have each manufacturing and repair company from small up to large,military and civilian ship, military technical bases and  etc. 

  HVOF  Gun  for deposition of coatings on internal surfaces the dia from 80-90 mm and lenght up to 1 m or 2 m on both sides  enters in a complete of set  of (I.D.gun).




BENHAMO AHARON-precision milling Ltd.

Beit Shemesh, HaMerkaz


Ben-Hamo Aharon Ltd. founded in 1997' by Ben-Hamo Aharon,with over 40 years of experience in management development and manufacture of complex machined parts, in the field of aerospace and civil industries. The company has gained extensive experience in various quality machining parts manufacturing and can produce a wide range of variety parts, Such as aerospace machined parts, as well as production rf antenna,power divider,microwaves...and much more. For the various aerospace industries with high precision demands complex calculations fit. Ben-Hamo Aharon Ltd. performs CNC machining of a variety parts and provides TURN KEY solutions that includes - painting, helicoil inserting ... With a specialized qualified contractors. Ben-Hamo Aharon Ltd. certified to ISO9001-2008 , and authorized to supply produts to the aerospace industry companies like "ELTA System Ltd."," TAT technologies" preform self inspection of products and supply direct to stock. The factory production infrastructure includes seven high quality modern technology CNC machines with up to 5-axis 2600 * 1100 MM ranges , as well as modern advanced equipment. The Quality control Department equipped with the best equipmentas as well a CMM -XYZ measuring machine, for 3D models and parts examination in a meticulous precision.

Chai Tech Solutions Ltd

Migdal Tefen, HaDarom

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Chai-Tech Solutions Ltd. is a privately owned company located in the Tefen Industrial Park in the heart of the Galilee. The company specializes in the development, design & production of mechanical systems & assemblies for a number of different industries including aviation, defense & military, medical, electronics, electro-optics, & the communications industry. The Chai-Tech Solutions team is comprised of highly skilled veterans in the field who have accumulated decades of experience in development, design & production of mechanical & electro-mechanical systems. Chai-Tech Solutions provides its customers with a comprehensive all-inclusive service that begins with the product concept & continues through to the production of parts & turnkey projects. The company offers its customers pre-production technology & engineering consulting services. Chai-Tech Solutions is ISO 9001:2000 accredited, adheres to a stringent quality policy & strives to meticulously comply with customer requirements. We are certified as ""approved vender"" by the U.S gouvernment (CCR) allows as to bid directly to all government agencies contract offers

D.V.S. Group Ltd

Maalot, HaZafon

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


D.V.S Engineering Ltd. is a company of precise metalworking. It works as a subcontractor for the Medical, Aviation, Electronic, Weapon and Tool industries. Developing and Production are being done until the final product is shipped to our customers.



  • Engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Inspection
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Production dep.



  • Planning, drawing and supervising technologies and products throughout the industry line.        


Quality assurance:

  • Planning, producing and inspecting gauges and devices to improve and keep precise quality.

 Quality control:

  • Our Quality control unit is equipped with XYZ measurement unit and other precise equipment



  • 4 Machine Centers
  • 2 Turning Machines – 1 includes milling
  • Grinding machines
  • Conventional milling and Turning machines (1 of each)


Our customers include:

  • Israel Aviation Industries
  • Iscar Ltd
  • Vishai
  • El-op
  • Hanita
  • H.R. Givon
  • Kinetics
  • Bental Ind. Ltd
  • David Tirosh
  • Dimar
  • Machining Solutions USA
  • Bermad


D.V.S has the approval of the

  • Investment Center
  • ISO 9001:200






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