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Nagpur, Maharashtra

Design / Engineering Firm


MACHLAB has been Designing customizing Electronics Devices and supplying printed circuit boards to customers since 2014. Our capabilities include everything from quick-turn prototypes to scheduled releases of production quantities over a specified period of time and everything in between.

Over the last 7 years, MACHLAB has worked with customers of various sizes and industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, marine, industrial equipment, test and measurement, LED, medial and more. When it comes to getting your circuit boards manufactured, MACHLAB is a company that prioritizes the following experiences a customer should expect: rapid quote response, flexible lead times, technical support, offering cutting edge technology, price-to-value ratio, and a variety of PCB solutions through a single source.

MACHLAB is a medium-sized company located in NAGPUR. Since 2014 we have provided high-quality electrical/electronic services and have earned a good reputation as well as a loyal clientele regionally, nationally, and internationally. We don't want to push our ideas onto customers, we want to make what they want.

Everything under one roof: This means for our customers time- and cost-efficient work with one single partner. We offer services like SCHEMATIC CAPTURE + PCB LAYOUT + PCB FABRICATION + ASSEMBLY

Our goal is to satisfy our customers - through defect-free products and services, 100% punctuality, and qualified and pleasant cooperation. Your quality requirements are our benchmark. Not only consistent application, but also periodic reviews and improvements of the processes set out in our manuals for quality management, lead to the outstanding production results that characterize our company.

Working Area

  1. CAD/CAM Design
  2. PCB Design(Schematic and Layout)
  3. PCB Assembling
  4. SMD assembling
  5. Electronics Product Design
  6. Solidwork
  7. Embedded Software
  8. App Development (Android and IOS)
  9. Frontend and Backend Development and Handling
  10. BGA Work
  11. Robotic design and Development

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