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Hoszig Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Szigetvár, Hungary and made it's first steps in the field of IG production. Developing continously, nowdays the number of it's employees reached 350. The company's activities are spread over 5 different sites around Hungary.The metalworks division also has one and a half decade of history by now. It also produced a continous development through the years both in the number of partners and the level of applied technologies. In 1998 the ISO-9002 quality insurance system was applied to the company. Three Trumpf CNC cutting tables work 24/7 providing excellent quality. The metalworks division produces cement and ore processing equipment, air classifiers, cyclones, cold rolling mills, oil regenerators, smoke-gas cleaners, mining machines and their parts, bridge structures, wind turbine components (heat exchangers), ash containers for ships. The latest is the energy sector it started to make products for.In 2002 a new division, which main activity is plastic fine machinery, started within the fences. Here the products made are parts for equipment for food, tobacco, packaging, medicine industry. Also parts for fittness machines are produced next to various everyday-use object, plexi furniture, etc.

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