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Hornacsek Gergő Egyéni vállalkozó

Lajosmizse, Bacs-Kiskun

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


I am a Hungarian entrepreneur since 2019. My profile is CNC machining from prototyping to mass production. I currently have free capacity for a CNC lathe and a CNC machining centre. I use CAM system to my CNC machining centre, so if you only have the drawing, I also can make the model of your part. In case of materials, I work with aluminium, steel, plastic and brass.I also have partners from different fields like surface treatment, heat treatment, so I can give you a full service.

Yonix Trade Kft.

, Bacs-Kiskun


We intend to mediate production jobs to our Hungarian partners from all across Europe. We take care to find the cheapest producer for the production need and deliver the products in the highest possible quality.

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