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Galaktika Kft.

Székesfehérvár, Fejer



Our company has been providing the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and energy industry with manufacturing precision and high-quality spare parts, equipment, and tools in unique, small and medium production run since the early 1990’s. Continous development and innovation make it possible that our partners' ideas and plans can be realized much faster through close cooperation and daily contact.

4S-2000 Kft






AG UNION was founded in 1991 as a limited private company with the aim of providing high level and quality services for Hungarian and foreign investors. The company works with qualified staff and processes everything which is necessary for meeting the increasing demands of the manufacturing and assembly sector and for being able to provide competitive level services for its customers today and in the future owning to it's flexibility and efficiency. The scope of the services is adapted to the requirements of the market and so AG UNION can act as a main contractor and is able to solve complete tasks too. AG UNION will realize your ideas in a turn-key form, nothing can set limits to the enterprise in the literary sense of the word. AG UNION is ready to offer it's services anywhere, our reference works speak for themselves. We have obtained reliable experience in the field of mechanical engineering, manufacturing of appliances and equipment by employing a staff of high qualification, continous refreshing courses and personnel management. Being a medium sized company we are capable of adapting our activity to changing situations or YOUR individual needs within a very short period of time but owning to it's structure the company is also capable of accepting greater challenges. Quality insurance and keeping deadlines are obligatory for us!

Agrimotor Ltd

Budapest, Budapest


Agrimotor Kft. (Ltd.) originally founded in 1996 was acquired by the current owners of the company in 2004. During the first years, the company's main product was the concrete mixer, of which 200,000 pieces had been produced until 2010. In 2010, the owner abridged the production of the various garden machineries in Agrimotor Kft. (Ltd.) through a reorganisation. By that the company structure as well as its product composition changed. Several new production fields such as aluminium casting shop, plastic moulding shop, metal cutting shop, tools shop, electric motor coiling and manufacturing shop emerged.Lawn mowers became the leading product to be followed by concrete mixers, then tillers and sprayers in order of volumes produced. Cooperation:We cooperated with several significant companies during the past years. The most significant of the companies were the MTD Products AG, Bosch and ALTRAD. Our lawn mowers have been sold through MTD under an exclusivity contract for the past 12 years, while our concrete mixers are still available through the ALTRAD group. We supply Bosch's Hungarian production plant with various spare parts for their garden machinery production. Production:The machines of Agrimotor are produced in the Hungarian plant of the company.Our production is featured by the fact that almost all the parts composing our products are manufactured in our own production. All plastic, metal and moulded parts as well as the electric motor are produced on site, within the plant. The current headcount of the company depending on the season is 90-150 workers. The production plant bears ISO 9001-qualification. Our annual production volume in the past years ranged typically; 120,000 - 140,000 lawn mower units, 20,000-25,000 concrete mixers, 4,000 -5,000 tillers and 1,000 sprayer units.All of our products bear CE and TV certificates.

AKG Zrt.

Oroshaza, Bekes


AKG ZRt is a DB-SNCF supplier, for castings, machining and welding subassembly. Through the manufacturers of railway vehicles we have the chance to take part in different railway projects, by producing casted steel bogie parts, producing different machined steel casting parts like brake brackets, and supply parts with welding subassembly according to 15085-2 CL1 (Zug Und Druckstange). Our main market relations: Bombardier's European companies, Alstom: France, Germany and Poland(Katowice). Our most important qualifications on this field are: ISO9001, IRIS REV2, 15085-2 CL1, 3834-2. Energetic sector production of gas turbine parts for GE. High pressures armatures, for industrial use, in refineries and chemical plants. Production of heavy vehicle parts. (Axle for Rába Kft.)

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