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HongHe Company

Hongkong, Hong Kong


Rainbow Industrial (HK) International Co., Limited

Maxfully International Equipment Ltd.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


Pumps and pump parts for Oil/Gas Industry!!! Maximizing Your Well Value! We provide the latest pumping technologytoexploit fully thevalueof oil reservethat would otherwise be discarded. Our 20,000 sq.m production facility in China has designed andmanufacturedsolely quality and specialty pumps foroil exploration and refinery since1992.This dedication has brought about expertise thatmakes us excel the rest. At MIE, ourRDteam continues to work with customers to build solution-specific pumps, although our standard product list always includes the following: F series of Mud Pumps for drilling 3S/5S series of High Pressure Pumps for oil transportation, water injection and well cleaning TP series of High Pressure Pumps for well fracturing, cementing and otherworkover operations We play a leading role in the industry by continuously workingclosely with oil-gas field operators to develop the latest state of the art products that maximize well-value atminimum operation and maintenance costs. Best quality at competitive prices as well as continuous performance enhancement and responsive service are what you expect from co-operating with MIE.

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