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  • Our company has 10 years experience to provide high quality parts to foreign company. •We are dealing with the following materials : aluminum, Stainless steel, alloy steel , tool steel, titanium,,Inconel ,copper, carbon fiber, UHMW PE and etc.

MP Technology Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


MP Technology manufacturing facility was established in 2003. Our main manufacturing hub is in Suzhou, China. Having total roofed production floor space of 12,000sqm. Our quality system obtained ISO9000, IATF16949, ISO14001.

Core Business & Manufacturing Operations 

  • Design and Engineering
  • Customized Tooling Design
  • Stamping
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Finishing

While our core strengths are mentioned above, we have a robust network of suppliers to meet different finishing requirement such as anodizing, chromate conversion, electro-plating, heat treatment and so on.

Nice Young Precision Metal

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Nice Young Precision Metal Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong based company with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan. We manufacture metal parts, CNC lathe, milling / stamping / die-casting / injection molding, mainly for the medical, automotive and industrial industry. We are working with US, German customers like Amphenol, Ametek, Hydac etc... We have facilities in both China and Taiwan to serve the needs to stay competitive in terms of costs as well as to provide a wide range of metal parts from medium to high precision. 

Star Steel Precision Works (HK) Ltd.

Kowloon, 香港 (Hong Kong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Established in 2010, Jin Ming Metal Manufactory (Star Steel Precision Works (HK) Ltd.) is a private enterprise with automatic production line and highly automatic production. It always tries the best to minimize the costs, satisfy the client's requirements for product precision and price and enhance the market competitiveness. We have more than ten precise CNC automation equipment and well-experienced project and quality control team.

We own high-precision test equipment and complete quality management system, We have established oriject monitoring system for the whole manufacturing process to ensure the usage of the very correct materials, coordination of precise machinery and technique and thus manufacturing of the precise parts.

We have obtained the certification of international auto industry high-quality management system and ISO/TS16949:2009 system. Beside special service for the metal parts processing of auto industry, we can also provide service for the industries such as electronics, communication, medical device and food processing and we would like to establish cooperation relationship with you with reasonable price and quality service.

Bowstar Biz Management Ltd. is a manufacturer based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2019. They specialize in Die Casting.

Metalworks HK Limited

4.67 (3)

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Metalworks HK Limited is a manufacturer majoring in die making, stamping, spinning, powder coating and silkscreen printing, CNC lathe and auto lathe, as well as wire forming and screws products. With its headquarter located in Hong Kong, its factory is located in Shenzhen City of Mainland China, hiring more than 200 employees, operates majorly imported precision, high proficiency machines.
HKAAIndustrialCo,.Limited,issituatedin218C5/F,JAFFEMANS,218JAFFEROAD,WANCHAI,HONGKONG.HKAAhasitsownfactory,situatedinNO101-5,FirstIndustrialDistrict,Shigu,Tangxia,DongguanCity,Guangdongprovince,China,enjoyingourcompetitivenessamongthehardwareindustries,suchasourmanufacturingtechnic,productspriceanddeliveringefficiency. Ourfactorywasfoundedin1998,takingupmorethan1000squaremeters.Weareanenergetic,confident,honestandinnovativeteam,wespecializeinhardwareandplasticproducts. Specialties: Wespecializeinmolding,machiningparts,stampingpartsandfabricatingparts,withover10-yearmanufacturingandsolutionsexperiences. Equipments: HKAsahihas10moldingmachines,10CNCturningmachines,15stampingmachines,30automaticlathemachines,and5CNCspringmachines.Theyareourmajorequipments.Andalsothesubsidiaryequipments,suchasmillingmachines,tapgrindingmachinesandsoon.Andwehaveourownworkshopforthemold. Qualitycredential:ISO9001:2008 Promisesandgoals: Wecanofferyouflexiblesolutionstailoredtoyourprecisedemand.Ourcompletequalitycontrolprogramprotectsourcustomersbyassuringthemof100%testandinspectionpriortoshipment.Itisourpromisethatthepurchasedproductsarereliable,durableandmaintainable. Weareacollectionofmutuallysupportingbusinessfocusedonawiderangeofindustries.Ourproductsarewidelyappliedinelectronics,medicalcare,agriculture,industry,constructionandsoon,andarewellreceivedbyAmerican,EuropeanandAsiancountries. Itisourgoaltomeetorexceedourcustomers'expectationthroughquality,deliveryservice,productivityandcontinuousimprovement. HKAAIndusttialCo,.limited,istobeyourbestchoiceandlong-termpartner.

China Sourcing International

Kowloon, 香港 (Hong Kong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

China Sourcing International is a manufacturing and sourcing company based in Hong Kong and China. We specialize in OEM, ODM, and Contract Manufacturing Services for companies located across the globe. We work with SMEs, independent entrepreneurs, innovators, and large corporations to source for products in the open market and develop OEM or ODM goods as required. Our main objective is to help clients source and audit reputable factories in China that can provide high-grade, low-cost products at the best terms and shortest lead time. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Jenson Metal Technica Ltd.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



Jenson Metal is a medium-sized, owner-managed engineering and

manufacturing company, operating successfully since 2012 in Huizhou, specialize in a wild range of precision

industrial hardware components finished parts such as computer peripheral, electrical-appliance, medical,

pneumatic, hydraulic, communications, machinery, agricultural components and so on. Manufacturer from

aluminum die casting, lost wax / investment casting, cold forging, or solid metal material by using CNC lathes

turning and complex CNC machining to meet customers requirements. Your best OEM partner 100% produce

 to customers specifications, in offering innovative, integrated "one-stop" problem solutions that guarantee

our customers DMS has a state-of-the art suite of CNC lathes, turret composite CNC lathes, 5 axle complexes

CNC mainlines total in 12 units to bring customers the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Thanks

to our precise and efficient production processes and our reputation for delivery Reliability and punctuality,

we have been partners to prominent industrial customers for 20 years. We supply to the most important

industrial countries and enjoy long-standing export relationships with a number of customers by doing TQM

and SPC quality control; we also help customers to do the complete kits packing. So please do not hesitate –

simply use the attached email to send drawings and ask for a quote, we look forward to hearing from you

explaining in more detail. 

Himax Smarthill Co. Ltd.

North Point, Hong Kong


Company Profile Himax Smarthill Co. Ltd. Established in 1994, is the manufacturer of metal plastic parts components for global market. Himax headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with the factories in Guangzhou (廣州) and Shenzhen (深圳). Our factory in China is certified with ISO 9001:2008 Our products are all conformed to the environmental requirements RoHS. Products : Parts components for customers design Lead frames for electronic components Nickel Battery welding tabs Metal casings and panels Stamped auto parts Components for imitation jewelry Supplying metal sheet in coils (stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, pure nickel, nickel plated steel, nickel plated stainless steel, thickness 0.05mm ~ 1.5mm) Processes: Metal parts stamping High speed precision stamping (500/min) Drawing of dish, can and shallow tubes Cutting, Bending, Milling, Turning CNC machining Extrusion of Aluminum Resistance welding Electroplating of metal sheets (selective plating) Injection Molding 1995 Headquarter established in Hong Kong Founder: Mr. Herbert Ng, Bsc (Mech Eng) H.K.U. MHKIE, Chartered Engineer(UK), Registered Professional Engineer(Production and Industrial) Appointed as an official agent to sell US Unitek Miyachi welding equipment into China market for battery packers and power tool factories (over 1,000 sets sold) 1996 Acted as an official agent to sell Germany Corus Hilumin Nickel Plated Steel Strips(NPS) material in China market Acted as an official agent to sell US Special Metals pure nickel strips(Ni200) material in China market Acted as an official agent to sell Japan Toyo Kohan and Sumitomo Nickel Top(NPS) material in China market 1997-1998 Set up slitting shop in Hong Kong Established sale offices in Guangzhou, China 2000-2002 Set up slitting and part stamping centers in Panyu district, Guangzhou, China to do the slitting and stamping orders. Himax serves local China customers and also for export orders. Successfully developed Himax own brand MICRO-WELD® high quality resistance welding machines (Models: CD139/CD290). Successfully developed our own brand UNIMAX® ultrasonic plastic welding machines (Model: UM1600). 2005 Successfully developed our own brand UNIMAX® HA50 series computerized automatic cutting machines. 2006 Invented and developed new material LOREA NA180 low resistance nickel alloy. NA180 is more cost saving and performs better than pure nickel Ni200. Successfully developed our own brand UNIMAX® HA700 series computerized automatic cutting machines. 2007 Invested and operated a copper, nickel and tin plating factory. Himax started to import Japan cold rolled steel strips into China and manufactures its own brand DANPS nickel, copper or tin plated steel strips or other plating materials. 2009 Set up and operated a cold rolling factory for pure nickel Ni200. Himax started to import Canada INCO nickel squares into China and manufactures its own high quality purity pure nickel strips. 2010 Invested and operated a selective plating factory to provide partial selective plating service of gold, silver, tin, nickel, copper on all kinds of base materials.

Good View Precision Limited

NT, Hong Kong


Founded in 1996, Good View Precision Ltd. has become a well-established manufacturer of high precision lathed metal parts. Our factory, Winkle Precision Metal Works, covering 20000 square meters ,was set up in Dongguan, China in 2000. We have continuously reinforced ourselves with a well-trained production team and advanced technical equipments. Among the equipments, the main production equipments are CNC lathes, Auto lathes, machine center, wire cut machines, centerless Grinding machines ,etc; the main inspection equipments are CNC Co-ordinate Measuring M/C, 1D/2D Measuring Gage, Roundness Measuring Gage, Surface Roughness Tester, Projector, Image Measuring Gage, Hardness Tester,etc. Our business scope is primarily about the manufacturing of parts for electric appliances, computers,toys, communication, automobiles, cameras, computers, etc. We lay our special emphasis on the quality of products and the improvement of management system. We achieved ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2001 and ISO14001:2004 certificate in 2005 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate in 2009, which witnessed the upgrading of our management. Looking forward to the future, we will keep abreast of the age, continue to perfect our production craftsmanship and offer better products and services to our customers, which surely can bring our customers and us the final mutual benefit. Business concept: Sincerity·Innovation·Exploration·Progression Quality Policy : Customer First·Stable Quality·Excellent Management·Continuous Improvement Contact by , Bryan Pong, Telephone: 24810203

Manatech Mold & Manufactory Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Manatech is a Hong Kong based tooling manufacturer and products development specialist, was found in 2010. Starting from a mold factory, it has now become an integrated products and tooling manufacturer and we provide product engineering development solutions to our customers. The growth represents our unyielding efforts to succeed and commitments in innovation and product quality.Our manufacturing plant is located at Dongguang, China; it is a 150,000 square feet facility offering mold design, production and manufacturing. Also, we have two products assembly and printing lines to meet the demand from customers who find production in Guangdong China strategically advantageous. Manatech specializes in: l Prototyping (CNC Machining, 3D printing etc.) l Plastic/ Die Cast Tooling Design Fabrication n Overmold n Insert mold n Hot/ Cold runner tooling n Multi-cavities mold n Special texture/ ejection/ sliders n Beryllium Copper application l Rubber Components Injection/ Forming l Sheet Metal Forming Bending l Glass Product Forming l Paper Products l Packaging Design Manufacturing l Surface Finishing n Electroplating Anodizing n Silk Screen Printing Pad Printing n Spraying l Assembly Packaging For any enquiries, please feel free to send us contact us: Website:

Topwin Industrial Company

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Topwin has been producing precision machined parts for laboratory, optical, sensors, motion, medical and aviation devices as well as a wide variety of other parts with very tight tolerances for 20 years already. Instead of cutting corners by using second-tier machinery, Topwin adopts equipment only from top-notch makers such as Miyano and Cincom for production, as well as Schneider Messtechnik 3D multi sensor CMM for QC processes. Over the years, Topwin became a well-regarded precision machining specialist with over 100 sets of CNC machineries like CNC Lathes, CNC Machine centres CNC Grinders for production. Our production plant in Dong Guan, China is accredited with: ISO 13485:2003 for medical devices parts production ISO/TS 16949:2002 for automotive parts production ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management

Uni Precision Industrial Ltd

Hunghom, Hong Kong


Founded in 1985, Uni Precision Industrial Ltd. is a Hong Kong based enterprise specializes in vertical electronics manufacturing services (EMS) with a manufacturing plant in China. Uni Precision is one of the pioneer factories in China certified with ISO 9001:2000 in 1992 for our commitment in quality management. Uni Precision achieved the second ISO 14001:2004, a distinguished certification for our environmental practices and performance. In pursuit of expanding our scope of manufacturing services while continuing improvements in quality, Uni Precision is grantedthe third ISO 13485:2003 approval for the medical devices manufacturing in early 2007. Uni Precision persistently strives to exceed our customers' requirements. Our core corporate culture and goal are to provide high manufacturing quality services, engineering supports, and cost effective vertical contract manufacturing solutions to meet our customers' manufacturing needs and growth. Chip-on-board (COB) bonding Through-hole (TH) PCB assembly with Electro-magnetic pump wave soldering Pb-free and Rohs production with in-house X-ray Rohs scanning Plastic injection CNC Turret press punching Die casting High flexibility and efficient cellular manufacturing setup Functional testing, ICT testing, burn-in testing, temperature controlled burn-in chamber (-40C to +150C), x-ray inspection, automatic optical inspection (AOI) to chip programming, Mac address programming, serializing and labeling to complete box build Surface-mount-technology (SMT) including Quad Flat No Leads (QFN) PCB assembly Ball-grid-array (BGA and micro BGA) with in-house x-ray inspection In-house plastic and sheet metal molding Sheet metal stamping Ultrasonic welding Turnkey and consignment services Support new product introduction (NPI) and low volume high mix production Silk-screening, pad-printing, painting and powder coating with spectrophotometer inspection Our manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan, China with a total area of 7,500 square meter andover 600 employees. We strongly believe in the value of our staff and aspire to maintain a professional attitude and corporate culture that fosters creativity and offers job satisfaction. The management emphasizes continuous training, open communication channel, teamwork and participation in decision-making process. With substantial experience in cooperating with high-tech companies and diversified customer basein wide product range, we are very confident to provide excellent services, high flexibility,cost effective manufacturing solutions and punctual delivery for our customers.

Fine Tech Mold & Manufactory Ltd.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Fine Tech is a Hong Kong based company and rapid growing business from 1999 due to expand factory in China . We are dedicated plastic injection mold, Die-Casting mold ,molding production and assemble to finish product. All product operations are conducted at the factory which is located in DongGuan ChangAn and Daling Shau, China. It has 150,000 feet and possesses 100 experienced tooling technicians. We have been producing premium quality and precise mold for various overseas industries for more than 8 years. After years of exploration, we have build up successful relationship with our customers. In today's highly competitive marketplace , we should like to take this opportunity to introduce our services and capabilities to you , We assure you that your production cost and mold cost should be lower if you choose a right mold supplier.

Telefield Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Founded in 1992, Telefield is a Hong Kong OEM/EMS electronics company with efficient operation (RD, marketing, purchasing, accounting) centre in Futian of Shenzhen and strong manufacturing bases in Guangzhou and Huizhou, China. As a Total Solution Provider to you, Telefield has been offering professional RD engineering in Telecommunication products and its accessories, multi-media products, hi-end entertainment products, healthcare products and even electronic module for household appliances and various consumer electronics products. With our full commitment on customer services, quality, environment protection and continuous improvement, Telefield has acquired a leading position in the electronics industry.

Conform Industrial Co. Ltd.

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Conform is a contract manufacturing company with workshop located in DongGuan of China. We focus on providing professional part machining services for various industrial products. Our management staff have over 15 years of experience in precision part fabricaion.

Victory & Brilliance Limited

New Territories, Hong Kong


Victory Brilliance Limited (VBL) is a professional contract manufacturer of custom metal stampings, precision metal stampings and progressive metal stamping and prototype stamping assisting much of companies' design, develop and produce a variety of and critical components for their products. We have grown to be as the trusted and respected metal fabricators with our assistant in creating more manufacturable designs and cost savings. Currently employing a staff of over 90, our employees are our greatest asset, a diversified operation serving OEM's in a variety of industries. VBL is a good business partner for you by our excellence service, competitive price and experienced Engineer. Since our factory founded in 1992, in China, VBL has been delivering the highest quality precision metal components. We have employed over 120 staff in our factory which size is 3,000.00 M2 in Huizhou City, China. In 2005, we were awarded our ISO9001:2000 Certification and update every year. Our goal is to be a one stop solution for our customers. Our focus is centered on our customer's standards of consistent quality, on-time delivery, and customer service. We produce a variety of products for over 20 customers in the construction, consumer appliance, telecommunication, mechanical and electrical, hardware, defense and automotive markets. For example, the bracket, mobile phone battery plate, motor cover plate. We have good facilities to produce the tooling or die and products. Victory Brilliance Limited is the definitive source for comprehensive custom metal stamping services. VBL offers a complete range of progressive metal stamping and value-added assembly services from simple blanking tools, to complex progressive stamping dies. VBL invests yearly in top of the line equipment, thereby continuously improving our processes and capabilities. All equipment is calibrated and maintained per manufacturers' specifications and all software is continuously upgraded with the latest versions available. Today, VB is a full service metal stamping company and manufacturer of tooling and engineered parts dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. By the increased demand of our customer in other product and service, we also provide fastener, machining parts, casting parts (die casting and investment casting), plastic parts, silicon parts, fastener with our business network. Our dedicated team understands the ongoing demand for cost efficient manufacturing, regulatory conformance, compatibility with subsequent assemblies, and rapid deployment to market. As we move forward we will continue to upgrade our equipment, expand our facilities, and implement systems to improve our organization and service our customers. As one of the premiere metal stamping companies in the Hong Kong and China, let us partner with your organization to produce your engineered products.

The Top Industrial International

-, Hong Kong


The Top Industrial International Ltd, formerly known as The Top Industrial Co. - have over 10,000 OEM screws and metal parts in our catalog with 31 years OEM and ODM experience, probably the largest collection in the industry. Applications for our products include toys, sports equipment, home appliances, office equipment, telecommunications devices, computer accessories, electronics products and more. While most manufacturers limit your material choice to aluminum and stainless steel, we can produce your precision parts in brass, copper, steel, titanium or engineering plastic. You can also take advantage of our logo engraving and color coating options - rare features offered by less than 10 percent of metal components manufacturers. Our RD staff have 30 years of industry experience and are ready for your OEM projects. We have two wholly owned factories, located in Hong Kong and Guangdong. Our 3-D vision measurement machinery is far more efficient than the 2-D models used by our competitors, allowing us to fabricate the most complex components. Other equipment include CNC machines from Japan and Europe with a setting accuracy of 0.01mm. Delivery takes just three weeks. OEM/ODM Capability We have over 10,000 OEM screws and metal parts in our catalog, probably the largest collection in the industry. Applications for our products include toys, sports equipment, home appliances, office equipment, telecommunications devices, computer accessories, electronics products and more. Design Services OfferedYes Details of Design Services OfferedCustomized designs are welcome Buyer Label OfferedYes Details of Buyer Label OfferedWe accept buyers' labels. Materials/ComponentsWe can produce your precision parts in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, steel, titanium or engineering plastic. Machinery/Equipment for OEM/ODMOur equipment includes CNC machines from Japan and Europe with a setting accuracy of 0.01mm. Major Markets ServedJapanEastern EuropeNorth AmericaMid East/AfricaCentral/South AmericaAsiaWestern EuropeAustralasia Inquire today for our precision screws and metal parts manufacturing

Astro Asia Ltd.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Astro Asia sells a variety of cargo insulation and cold chain packaging including, thermal pallet covers, container liners, roll cage covers and Insulated pallet boxes. We service the Asia-Pacific Region, Middle East and select customers in Europe.


NT, Hong Kong

RUIZHOU TECHNOLOGY has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent production for broad community of soft material manufacturers, which serves the realization of the confluence of informationization and industrialization, and eventually serves the implementation of the industrial transformation and promotion of industry 4.0 from Made in China to invented in China.

Moldmax Molding & Tooling Company Ltd.

Hong Kong , China, Hong Kong


Moldmax Molding and Tooling Company Limited reorganizes the service in September 30, 2009 in Hong Kong . We are predecessor design and make the mold and plastic production manufacturing factory starts doing business straight in January 1, 1980 until now. These year our company strives for changes unceasingly innovates unceasingly with the technology. Our company can produce of any kinds and any size of mold, tooling of Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Insert and over Molding , Die Casting ,Product development and Export Trade of production. Our factory , experienced of Plastic Mold, Plastic production , Toys, Electronics, Car Parts , Home appliance , Garden appliance and Audio etc. We are welcome factory visiting , provided detailed quotation by email and we may give you and your company good price offer .

Goldville Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Godlville Ltd is a HK-based machine shop with turning and milling operations in Dongguan, Guangdong, PRC. We are focused on making diamond-turned and mirror-finished aluminum reflectors, and meet the high standard of cosmetic appearance and fast delivery. We also handle stainless steel projects with good precision and cosmetic requirement. They cover small-medium-and-large batches in reasonable time frame.. Our goal is to meet customer satisfaction in terms of quality and delivery with our technical teams and quality monitoring.

Venture Global Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


VGL. is a component manufacturer and solution partner to all electronics manufacturers. We have an office in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in both DongGuan and Guangdong area, which is offering complete solution for acoustic and lighting components to well-known manufacturers and brands. As a total solution provider for OEM ODM, our product range covered:- Acoustic components 1) Cable - Bulk Cable Cable Assemblies - TPE, PVC, TPU, Flat / Fabric Cable for various applications 2) Mylar speaker - 9mm to 50mm Mylar Speakers - General specification for Audio Toys application 3) Sponge Leatherette Cushion - Customized standard size for all application (i.e. earphone / headphone / headset, etc.) Lighting components 1) Miniature bulbs with wiring 2) Customized LEDs with IC/PCB control Sub-assemblies service 1) IC LED bonding 2) PCB Assemblies 3) Value added assemblies Owing to the advantage of vertical integration, SRL upholds capabilities in design, development, and manufacturing in term of providing one stop service to our customer's needs. We also capable to fully customized components and solutions to meet customer's unique requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves to you, and to become a productive member of your team.

EGO Creative Innovations

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

EGO Creative Innovations join hybrid & native app developers trusted by SMEs in HealthTech, EdTech, Automotive, FinTech & InsureTech. Since 2005 we offer full-cycle app development, from UI/UX design & prototyping to DevOps.

With EGO you get:

  • 360-degree delivery transparency & development standards
  • 8,5x more affordable 3D UI & micro animations to enable engaging design 
  • Global reach & contracting in the US, Asia & Europe
  • Awesome welcome-rates 
  • 16 special packaged offerings to start your project fast and easily

Convert your ideas into up-and-running apps with transparent, agile, and cost-effective EGO developers!

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