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Extreme Solutions

Split, Splitsko-Dalmatinska

Design / Engineering Firm


Extreme Solutions is specialized in 3D modeling, designing, machining, development with leading CAD / CAM software tools.

Today market is more demanding and is in constant need for upgrading. Fast, precise production and delivery are mandatory. We are constantly improving our services and facilities. In addition to our primary service we offer 3D printing, welding and repair services and maintenances.

Our goal and vision is to become a leading company in custom made solutions, prototyping and in the production of special machine elements for various industries. We can also deliver products for small-scale production in a short time.

L-turningu technology d.o.o

Kostrena, Primorsko-Goranska

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


CncPCnc turning.The company is a little under one year old. It is engaged in the production of parts of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic. Product sizes from 1mm to 120mm, length from 1mm to 300mm.


Sveta Nedelja, Zagrebacka

Sintea CNC is a high quality manufacturer of precision, high-complexity machined components, parts and subassemblies. Our strategy is focused on our costumers needs. We offers a broad array of manufacturing services including machining, assembling, testing, grinding, design support, and finishing. We are constantly looking for new technologies and ways for improving our manufacturing processes and improving our efficiency. We are certified according to ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zagreb, Grad Zagreb

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


The beginning of business activity can be tracked back to the year 2009. The company founder, Matija Kukolja started its autonomous activity based on long year experience. MAIN TECH is a private company established in ZAGREB (Croatia) in 2019. 

Our business is based on precise and high-quality production of metal parts, tools and industrial devices. MAIN TECH functions exclusively on customer orders. Over the years of experience and education in metal industry, our business activity includes production of demanding and complex products. We use various kinds of materials and technically sophisticated machines.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Čakovec, Meðimurska

Everyone should get to focus on perfecting their product. Processing is full of complications that take valuable time away from improvement. That is why we made it our life's work to simplify processing with the help of stainless steel technology.

Letina is one of the world's leading stainless steel tanks and processing equipment manufacturers. Our focus is on the winemaking, beer brewing, liquor distilling and beverage industries.

Letina is a purpose-driven organization, which is reflected in our product design. Our tanks are full of industry-specific features designed to make your lives easier.

We want to see you succeed, that is why we offer life-long support and consulting. We adapt to your needs; from your preferred method of contact, to your unique processing set up.

We strive for excellence - there is no compromise when it comes to quality. Letina is ASME, PED and ISO (for fusion welding) certified (by TÜV SÜD).

KADING d.o.o. (KADING Ltd,)

Koprivnica, Koprivnicko-Križevacka

Design / Engineering Firm


KADING d.o.o. (Ltd.) gathers experienced engineers who have developed their skills on projects which have required multi-disciplinary knowledge (mechanics, hydraulic etc.). We are offering to our customer’s very good ratio between price and quality of service what you can learn by yourself if you give us opportunity. Our team of experts has long experience in the field of product development, from concept to finished prototype, product certification and production.

Our competences:

Engineering services:

  • conceptual product development
  • 2D/3D product design
  • Reversible engineering
  •  Optimization of products and manufacturing processes
  •  Calculations and FEM analysis
  •  Development of tools and equipment
  •  Preparation of production documents (technical drawings, technologies)
  •  Creation of related documents / documents for users (spare parts catalogs, operating and maintenance instructions)
  •  Preparation of documentation for product certifications
  • Product visualization (rendering)

We are providing services with licensed CAD software SolidWorks (2 Premium + 2 Standard) and Solid EDGE 2019, with possibility of EPDM integration (total 4 SW PDM Professional licenses). Our engineers also are familiar with other CAD systems (CREO, CATIA, Inventor) so we are also able to support you in that area, dependable on project and it’s duration.

Manufacturing & prototyping:

Together with our partners we are also offering following services:

  • Milling & Turning
  • Welding (MIG / TIG)
  • Cutting (plasma / laser / waterjet)
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Assembling (mechanical / hose / welded)
  • 5 axis milling

We have successfully implemented quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 into our business processes which shows our dedication to provide quality and best possible services to our clients.

We are inviting you that you allow us to present our services and we wish that your company becomes part of our satisfied customers.

Ancorp d.o.o

Novi Marof, Varaždinska

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


ANCOPR d.o.o. is a young company that has specialized in the production and processing of metal using CNC technology.

Through daily improvement and innovation we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


&#268;akovec, Meðimurska


The company NMP Produkt Ltd. was founded in 1994. and is located in the northem part of Republic Croatia in Čakovec.We are engaged in the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment. The production is based on few basic types of products: Manufacture of machines and equipment for power plants, steel mills, ... Manufacture of machine parts Gas and plasma Cutting Services Service: design, construction, welding, bending, ... High quality, long-standing tradition and 19 years of experience resulted in exporting 90 percent of our products to demanding markets of EU countries. Skilled managing and technical company team, qualified workforce, modern technology, quality and fairness at sticking to time schedules are just a few of preconditions wich will surely make you happy in co-operating with us.

Alas-info d.o.o.

Lekenik, Sisacko-Moslavacka

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Alas-info d.o.o. - competent partner in the area of manufacturing for your projects

We are manufacturing company specialized in manufacturing processes like milling, turning, grinding and EDM processes. Most processes are made by CAM software, so your components can be produced using the usual (neutral) CAD formats, technical drawings or even hand sketches. With our partners we can provide parts with various surface protection or parts with heat treatment. In past few years we have gained experience in manufacturing components for packaging industry and for prototype parts or components for automotive industry. Machining of steels, non-ferrous metals and plastics is possible.

SEDLAR d.o.o.

, Grad Zagreb


Sedlar Company have been established in 1993. Since then, we have been developing our business specializing in machining processes and metalworking along with serial and single unit production. Due to long term enhancement of our business specialization we can answer the most demanding metalworking inquiries. Company has 8 employees specialized in machining. Sedlar Company has been successfully outsourced for bigger companies like Koncar-SIEMENS Croatia and BECHTEL. Sedlar Company have been exporting products in our region along with export to European Union - specific to German market. One of Sedlar Company current interesting project as subcontractor is production of electronic cigarettes for world market. We are sending you needed information as a first step in establishing a possible cooperation. Concerning your interest in our machines we can confirm following: The list of CNC machines: CNC LATHE MACHINES 1. DOOSAN LYNX 220 LSY 6 axes (2017) 2. TRAUB TND 360 2 axes (1989) 3. INDEX GSC 30 7 axes (1991) 4. INDEX GS 30 6 axes (1986) CNC MILLING MACHINING CENTRE 1. HAAS TM 3P 3 axes (2008) CNC SERVO ELECTRIC PRESS BRAKE 3m (4/2018) OTHER MACHINES HORIZONTAL AUTOMATIC BAND SAW FORTE 250 EXCENTRIC PRESS 12 T (1 COM) 25 T (2 COM) 64 T (1 COM) HYDRAULIC SHEARS 2,5m × 4m ABA SURFACE GRINDING MACHINE - automatic but not CNC WELDING MACHINE (4 different kind of welding - MIG, REL, TIG, SPOT) MATERIALS that we are working with: stainless steel, black steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, plastic, castings.

Dalstroj d.d.

Split, Splitsko - Dalmatinska

Dalstroj was founded in 1946, and has large reputation in machine manufacturing. With 70 years of experience, our factory represents the best that the industry has to offer.

Dalstroj was founded in 1946, and has a large reputation in machine manufacturing.

Serving both domestic and international clients, we are a customer centric, full-service, production shop. Founded on the tenets of quality, accuracy, competitive pricing, and flexible delivery times, Dalstroj provides the highest quality products for jobs of all sizes.

Our skilled workers and engineers are dedicated to building class for all of our customers.

ClusterTech International Ltd.

Sveti Ivan Zelina, Zagrebacka


ClusterTech International Ltd. is a manufacturing company established in 2002. In addition to this plant, in the affiliated company ClusterTech International Inc. in Bosnia we have wood processing line and one more facility with metal processing and assembly capacities. From the beginning company dealt with mechanical parts manufacturing for EU market but simultaneously started with own product development which over time grew to globally known roulette wheels brand King Roulettes. ClusterTech is a real manufacturing company with spotless business background that cares of its trustworthiness in the first place. For the seventh consecutive year ClusterTech International Ltd. was awarded with the AAA creditworthiness rating.

ZEROT d.o.o

Kamanje, Karlovacka


Company specialized for 2D and 3D milling of metal, plastic and wood. Experienced team in all kind of milling requests.


Croatia, Krapinsko-Zagorska


El-Set Ltd. is a manufacturer of various cable harnesses for industry of household appliances and the other industrial electric systems focused on timeliness of delivery with extensive experience in the industry in which we work.In practice, we are a team of highly motivated and ambitious employees who work in internationally oriented organisation 100% focused to the to the goal: satisfied client on the field of quality (zero % error), price (competitivness) and deliveries (just-in-time).1. Our history (El-Set yesterday)El-Set Ltd. was established in 2007. On the 01st of January 2007. El-Set was separated from the parent company Elcon, a longime exporter of cable harnesses for auto-industry and industry of household aplliances. Buying a share of Elcon who main business activity was production of cable harnesses for industry of household appliances by private person, contributed to strengthening and positioning the company as one of the largest suppliers of Vaillant Group.2. At present (El- Set today)Since beginning, thanks to the great enthusiasm supported by efforts of all employees, we have experienced a rapidly growth which result is increase number of employees from the starting 30 to the present 70-100 employees and which is mostly (app 85%) are direct employees. At the same time, it is to see a noticeable increase in incomes and profite as well. The main activity of the firm El-Set Ltd. today is production of cable harnesses for household appliances and its products are exported to Germany, France, United Kingdom and Slovakia.3. Vision, mission and objectives for the future (El-Set tomorrow)Our vision:To be a world class supplier in the Cable Harnesses Industry.Our mission:To meet the expectations and demands of customers, employees and owners by recognizing and using our strenght based on a permanent growth, improvement and increased competitiveness.Our objectives:To satisfy client and to exceed all of our customer expectations.To keep stabile position on the market and improve it.To have in every job „zero defects".To be a welcome employer with a stimulating working environment.To raise the level of knowledge of all employees, globally and individually.To improve businnes through the methods of project management and teamwork.To improve our production proccesses with new technologies.To grow further in terms of getting new clients each year.To invests continously in RD.To move to the new, modern and technicaly equipped facility.


PULA, Istarska


Stainless steel product


Drazice, Primorsko-Goranska



Metalobrada was founded in 1984 and since the beginning of its activity is engaged in manufacturing and machining of machine elements from different kinds of metal. Our bussiness facilities which comprises of 2500m2 open area and 1000m2 of closed area ,we have 35 different machines for fabrication and machining of metal,from classical lathe machines to modern machinery such a CNC machines. In addition of classical machining we have also the locksmith department that is able to produce varius structures and elements for shipyard industry, the oil industry and alike. Diversity of our production programs caused the nee for highly profeesional staff and training of new trands in the industry. We are porud to Metalobrada employes sophisticated professional workers with many years of experience, who daily upgrade their knowledge and skills.

In very short period of time we are able to satisfy the needs of most demanding machining parts. We are offer all kinds of standardized elements, it will be our great pleaure to participate on your project and elaborate the elements to your designs and needs.
Our long experience guarantees the quality and accuracy of delivery


Zagreb, Grad Zagreb

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


OMR is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2010. They specialize in Machining.

FDS d.o.o.

Nedelisce, Meðimurska

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


FDS d.o.o. is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2009. They specialize in Die CastingInvestment CastingMachiningSand Mold Casting.

IAF d.o.o.

Mursko Sredisce, Meðimurska

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


IAF d.o.o. is a Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2010. They specialize in FabricationMachiningSheet Metal.


Gornji Draganec, Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska


ONIKS is a manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2009. They specialize in Machining.

Dalekovod d.d.

Zagreb, Zagreb Town


Dalekovod d.d. is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in Die CastingFabricationMachiningSand Mold CastingSheet Metal.

Duro Dakovic Holding

Slavonski Brod, Brodsko-Posavska


Duro Dakovic Holding is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in FabricationMachiningSheet Metal.
Busija - automated and CNC turning is a manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2006. They specialize in Machining.

Duro Dakovic Trade d.o.o.

Slavonski Brod, Brodsko-Posavska

Duro Dakovic Trade d.o.o. is a manufacturer based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2012. They specialize in .


PULA, Istarska


PLAZMATEHNIKA is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in FabricationMachiningSheet Metal.

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