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Qingdao Kangxinhan Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Kangxinhan Machinery CO., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting many types of metal parts.

The company is located in a beautiful city - Qingdao and has always been committed to pursuing more advanced technology, to providing products with perfect quality and more favorable prices , to serving our customers with a more satisfied attitude.

Our production and business scope include: Forging, Sand casting, Precision casting, Die casting, Gravity casting, Stamping, Welding and CNC machining. We have the self-management import and export right, and can process the orders in accordance with the customers’ supplied drawings or samples.

By now, we have had customers in most European countries and North America. There into, we have been keeping stable business relations with most major clients. We will cooperate with new and old customers wholeheartedly for achieving mutual brilliance.

Pastoral Group

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)


Pastoral Group was established in the year 1993.We are specialized in Machining,Mould Making, Plastic Injection Moulding, and Developing their Own products.Our company has a team full of energy and much experience in making exported parts. We are able to provide high quality parts, excellent services, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.Our products were exported to US, UK, Denmark, Japan,etc.Excellent trading experience make you feel we are your native supplier.We believe that with the best quality product, competitive price, enhanced customer service and time delivery. We are able to work for our customers and together strive forward for better future.

Qingdao Mingfeng Hardware Products Co. Ltd

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)



Having been in product development for nearly 30 years and as a long-term positively rated member of, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with consistent, reliable, and friendly service. Our factory is located in the beer capital of China, in the city of Qingdao. At our facility, we have several capabilities in-house including multi-axis precision machining, metal stamping, injection molding and high-pressure die casting and so on. We also provide a broad range of finishing capabilities to cover all of your needs. We provide our customers with a thorough design for manufacture analysis (DFM) to ensure the shortest lead times and greatest value. When it comes to managing quality, after years of making incremental improvements, our team has developed robust risk management and process control techniques to ensure your product will get done right, the first time. We strive to be easy to work with and aim for effective communication with our customers. You can rest assured that we will be highly responsive and attentive to your needs. Feel free to call or send us a message; we would be delighted to have the chance to work with you.

.Precision Casting Metal Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer




The machining plant was established in 1998, and the foundry in 2010. The precision casting materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, duplex steel, precipitation hardening steel, and Nickel-based alloy steel casting, etc. We serve various markets such as pump and valve flow control industry, like rotary pump body, centrifugal pump body, housing, pump cover and impellers, diaphragm valve body(control the ferrite content), angle seat valve body, etc. Various machinery parts such as centrifugal machine parts,dish-washing machine parts, food machinery parts, auto parts, textile machinery parts, and many kinds of hardware parts like yacht parts, glass hardware, building hardware, etc.

There are more than 30 sets of machinery equipment, such as CNC, turning and milling complex 4-Axis machining center, Multi Simultaneous 4-axis/5-axis machining center, polishing machine, etc. The equipment for quality control includes the German Oxford spectral analyzer which can analyze Ni-base and iron-base alloy, and nitrogen test; CMMs from Mitoyo and Hexagon, Fischer Ferrite testing, Inspector EXP Radiation Detector, Ultrasonic Inspector, etc.

Qingdao Wodewei Machinery Co., Ltd

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)


Qingdao Wodewei Machinery Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting many types of mechanical parts.

The company is located in an opened & beautiful city – Qingdao.

Company mission: Supply the highest quality products, best services, competitive price for customer.

Our professional scopes focus on : Sand casting, Precision casting, Die casting, Gravity casting, Forging, Stamping, Welding and CNC machining. Products are widely used in Engine, Transmission, Gearbox, Axle, Tools, Hardware fittings, various mechanical general components... We have senior engineer in these above industries for many years experiences. We can process the orders in accordance with the customers’ supplied drawings or samples and provide the technical support upon customers’ request, so as to meet the customization requirements of personalization and specialization for each customer.

At any time, we are working to meet customer’s satisfaction with outstanding quality products and service. Warmly welcome inquiry from worldwide customers and we will sincerely cooperate with new and old customers for achieving mutual brilliance.

Qingdao Friend Precision Metal CO., LTD

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)


Qingdao Friend Precision Metal CO,. LTD

Qingdao OS Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)


QDOS means Quality,Delivery,cOst,Service. We are OEM supplier and we have our own foundry worshops and machining workshop.We can make the products per customers drawings or samples. We can give our customers better QDOS. Our company was built up in 2003. We can provide the complete machined parts by wax-lost investment, sodium silicate investment,sand mold casting process. The weight is from less than 10g to more than 300kg;material is stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum and copper,cast iron(grey iron and ductile iron). And from 2007,we invested the forging machine workshop. Our company briefly profile is as below, 1)Total coverage:10000 square meters investment foundry workshop:1000square meter; sand-casting foundry workshop:4000sqaure meter; forging workshop: 1000 square meter; machining workshopothers:4000square meter. 2)Total employees are 215, engineers:2 QC people:3 technician:3 project engineer:1 purchasing:1 business:2 workshop:195 other people:8 3)Machines we have are as following, CNC lathe:6 units milling machine:1 unit drill press:6 units taping machine:2 units manual lathe:25 units CNC machining center:1 unit FLOW JET machine(Made in USA):1 UNIT spectrum:1 hardness test machine:1 unit tensile strength tester:1 unit electric furnace:100kg:2 300kg:4 500kg:4 sand blasting machine:4 wax-recycle line:1 wax-shooting machines:8ton:6 20ton:1 air-compressor:6units sand-wheel machine:4 units 4)The production capacity per year is as following, investment foundry:400tons sand casting foundry:2000tons(main for steel sand casting) machining:3000tons. Above four items are our foundations to satisfy customers requirements. We are sincerely looking forward to build up long term cooperation relationship with you in the near future.
Qing Dao Jingmai Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2007. They specialize in FabricationMachiningSheet MetalStamping.

Rinborn Machinery Co., Ltd

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)



Qingdao Rinborn Machinery Co., Ltd, RMC, was founded in 1999 by our founding team based in Qingdao, Shangdong, China. With its foundry also in Shandong province, we have now grown to become one of the finest metal forming companies with processes of casting, forging, machining and secondary treatment. With our fully organized facilities, we utilize the new advanced technologies which helps us produce complex, high precision, near-net metal parts from a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

As a full-service metal casting company, we have redundant manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce top quality products for our customers in industry-leading turnaround times. We also offer outsourced casting capabilities, heat treatment and surface treatment in China to give our customers a cost-effective alternative with quick lead times.

RMC is a global-oriented manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and precision machined parts for diverse end-markets. Our global emerging position is underpinned by our integrated business model with comprehensive capabilities of offering one-stop solutions to our customers.

RMC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified foundry and precision machining factory. As a professional provider, our capabilities mainly cover investment casting, sand casting, shell casting, vacuum casting, forging and secondary process including machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, packing, logistics and comprehensive service in a wide variety of materials including gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, wear-resistant and heat-resistant steel, aluminium, brass, zinc and various other high alloy materials. 

Our colleagues in the engineering team take it as a priority to understand the unique needs and requirements of our diverse customers from different industries so we can provide the suitable materials and production process. RMC produces sand molds using the green sand casting, shell molded casting (pre-coated type) furan sand molding system, allowing us great dimensional flexibility as well as the ability to pour castings up to several hundreds of kilograms. We can produce steel castings up to 0.5 tons and iron castings up to 1 tons. RMC stores patterns for the customers in a separate workshop away from the daily operation of the foundry.

No matter what you need single prototype parts or low or high-volume production runs, parts with a few grams or hundreds of kilograms, simple or complex designs, we are a Reliable Manufacturing Company that can do them all. 

Qingdao Industrial Source Trading CO.,LTD

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Qingdao Industrial Source Trading Company established in 2000. Is located in beautiful city of Qingdao where has the second largest sea port in China. Our products have been supplying to North American, South American,Europe,South Africa and Japan.

With our high quality and low cost products we nearly supply a full line of products and services to our customers from all over world by our group member manufactures.

Today, QIS continues to expand its offering of the products and services from Steel fabricating, Plastic injection, Rubber molding and Eletrical parts. We dedicate ourselves to advancing supply chain management. Lowering your transaction costs.

Whether value, quality, custom engineered or specialty products. Be assured that QIS can and will be your total source for the products from China.

Our main job


We choose the most suitable plants by quality .pervious experiences in similar products. Cooperative and honest business behavior and cost measures.


We can create/ produce to your specs with our fluent English engineering team translate any customer's requirements into Chinese and follow up carefully.

Quality control:

We have specially trained quality engineering team to do process control job and final quality checking for each project to ensure timely delivery and good quality components.


We can arrange shipment to any seaport. Airport or directly to customer's door and combine all parts to fit a container to save shipping charge for our customer.

Qingdao Jinyuan Rubber Co., Ltd

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)



Since founded in 2004, Jinyuan Rubber has provided best custom services to the automotive, construction, agriculture, outdoor, and other industries.

Our services include:

● Customised Compression Rubber Molding

● Customised Transfer Rubber Molding

● Liquid Injection Molding

● Prototyping

● Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Parts

● Rubber-to-Plastic Bonded Parts

Why Us

● Focused on making your value great

Always insist on reasonable price and quality assured.

You will increase huge profit via our superior custom service.

● All parts with quality guaranteed

More than 15 years professional manufacture experience and perfect QC process

And quality certified by ISO9001 and IATF16949.

● Faster delivery time

​ ● Efficient pre-sales and after-sales service team

Any question, you will get feedback within 24h.

AndReal (HK) International Enterprise Ltd.

1.00 (1)

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)


In 1998,Three peoples( Mr. Glen Wang, Mr. David Fang and Mr. Jacob Zhao came from GE, Emerson and Invensys. together with their engineering team to create a little manufacture factory which named AndReal Advanced Engineering in Qingdao, China. Now AndReal has being one of advanced metal, molding precision manufacturers in China based Qingdao and Shenzhen. AndReal diversifies its main businesses ranging from metal forming, plastic molding, stamping and mould prototypes. It is an integrated technical group of research and manufacturing. Since 2002, the Group has been establishing 3 enterprises, employing more than 1,050 employees and total investment has exceeded usd14,100,000. AndReal determined the business configuration in China after their hardship in original development on metal forming and stamping fields in 2004. It is going into precision machining when invested their industry park of in Qingdao, China.The consists of approximately 43,700 square meters of factory and office space. Now that AndReal fully engineers, designs and builds its own tooling and production technologies. Industries Served?--- Automotive--- Consumer--- Cosmetics--- Electrical--- Battery--- MedicalFrom 2005, AndReal (HK) had been a group holding and international business partner by their diversifies sources to service their global cooperators. The group philosophy also applies to AndReal. Additionally as a new and rapidly developing company, we try to: • Understand what the customer wants - Ideas, Conceptions, and Optimized solution • Anticipate the customer's needs - Design, Technologies, and Supports before/after sales. • Fulfill the customer's expectations - Quality, Quantity, Saving, and Lead time
QINGDAO HUAMEIER METALWORK PRODUCTS CO., LTD was founded in 2005, which was principally engaged in stamping, fabrication. After seven years operation, most of our effort has evolved into machining, casting, forging. We own CNC machine, NC bending machine, laser cutter, punching machine,die-casting machine, etc. We offer our customers a one-stop service. Innovation, cooperation, integrity and dedication are our main corperate culture. You can get what you want in HUAMEIER.

Unison (Qingdao) Industrial Co., Ltd.

5.00 (1)

QINGDAO, 山东 (Shandong)


Unison (Qingdao) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer producing casting, Machining and Fabrication. We have established the completed supply chain management system, the long term cooperation with the competitive company have been established. We have completed processed system(sample/drawing—check drawing—sanction---lay out design—prepare material ---production flow—inspection and package transportation ) .also hv the ability to develop the design with customer together with CAD,CAM etc. We have the several professional equipment, such as CNC, lathe, milling, laser cutting equipments etc. We're in strict accordance with state quality standard and formed completed effective , optimization, advanced process systems. Through 10 years be unremitting efforts, Unison (Qingdao) Industrial Co., Ltd. has got the good popularity in suitable for high request basic on advanced production equipment, strong technical force, completed detecting instrument, production assurance, comprehensive strength etc. Our products are sold to America, Oceania, and Europe etc. We are the trustworthy team who works for the customers. We believe that the quality is the soul of an company. Our service target is let customers with 100% satisfaction. Our tenet is "All Customers First, Quality First, and Credit First". Thus, we guarantee the items as the following: checking order quality and quantity when production. We have a team of technicians and engineers responsible for supervising all production and quality control processes. Thus, we have been able to attain a high reputation for our product reliability among overseas clients.

Blue Sky Marine Machinery CO.,LTD

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

Blue Sky Marine Machinery,as the top marine machinery manufacturer,focus on valves,vent head,fittings,strainer,Marine Equipment etc in Qingdao,China.   Our mainly products are according to DIN,JIS,ANSI,API,BS,GB,CB,CBM,AS standard.Material was including cast iron,ductile iron,cast steel, cast bronze,forged brass,stainless steel,forged steel,and can be extensively used in marine,petroleum, chemical,metallurgical,electric power,architectural,agriculture field.       We had got ISO Certificate,Design Certificate,Works Certificate,Foundry Certificate, Type Approval Certificate,API 6D from marine classification society&industrial filed,So we can provide more faster and conveniently certificate service for customer requirement,such as ABS,BV,NK,KR,CCS,DNV,LR,GL,RINA Certificate etc. By our matured experience and long history,we had exported to more than 40 countries up to now and established a comprehensive quality control system,including quotation, Payment terms,delivery time,order tracking,quality check,case packing,transportation etc. “Honest,Quality,service,Efficient.”was the Blue Sky’s enterprise responsibility & green culture. Blue Sky Marine Machinery would be always focusing on the least pollution,the best products,the fastest delivery,the well service to mutual benefits with customers.

Qingdao Jinghong Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd is a privately owned Hong Kong enterprises, we focus on ultra precision CNC machining, plastic injection mold/ Stamping DIE design & fabrication and automation machine development.

We have more than 15 years of experience on manufacturing high precision CNC parts. And we can provide one-stop-solution to our customers from concept development, product design and process optimization to mass production, post-processing, assembly and logistics.

Jinghong was established in May 25, 2004, with the factory located at Qingdao, China. At the beginning, we only have a few employee, but due to our excellent quality and continue improvement, we are growing rapidly with our clients and now we have more than 350 people.

In 2005, we have become business partner with some well-known Japanese company who have strict quality requirement. And since then we have further expand our business to US, Mexico and Europe.

In 2017, we already have office in Hong Kong, Japan and NYC. And we have moved to a new plant in order to meet our need for expanding.

In 2019, we keep investing on new state-of-the-art equipment help us tackle customers’ requirements and remain competitive. Our goal is to become the top in our industry.

YiLi Steel Structure & Engineering Co.,Ltd

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

O ver 16 years of experience Located in the ChangHong Northern Industrial Zone, Jimo City,ShanDong Province,China . YILI Steel Structure (QingDao YiLi Steel Structure & Engineering Co.,Ltd) is the leading Chinese manufacturer of metal building kits for the agricultural sector,industrial sector,Commercial sector, own a number of patents and international certifications SGS,Bureau Veritas,EN1090 EXC2,CE,IWE,ISO9001. Through an original concept of self-build structures, YILI Steel Structure offers convenient, cost-effective and scalable solutions for your farm: storage sheds (straw, materials), stabling. Since its creation in 2002, YILI Steel Structure has delivered more than 16 600 buildings in the world. Our company regularly invests in its manufacturing facilities to offer you the best value and the shortest delivery time (6-8 weeks).

Shandong Sungraf Carbons Co., Ltd.

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

 Located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, where has rich graphite mineral resources, Sungraf Carbons started in November, 2008 and has strong product R&D ability as well as many independent intellectual property rights. Under Sungraf, there is a wide range of products, including natural flake graphite, expandable graphite, high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, spherical graphite, micronized graphite, synthetic graphite, recarburizer and so on.

    Shandong Sungraf Carbons Co., Ltd is an enterprise engaged in the deep processing, production and sales of these products. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Europe, North America, Russia, Korea, Japan, the Southeast Asia and earn good market reputation. Furthermore, we were awarded the titles of "outstanding supplier", "outstanding supplier of refractory material", "outstanding supplier of flame retardant material" before. We believe in "Quality wins the market; Integrity casts the brand; Technology obtains the trust; Service makes the future." Sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.

Sport Ice Asia

Qingdao, 山东 (Shandong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Sport Ice is an innovative, growth oriented, small-sized family-owned enterprise and industry leader in the design, manufacturing and assembly of industry systems. As to non-standard parts, we are very professional in machining. We manufacture all the parts we use in the assembly of our ice resurfacers, which are used through out the world. We would love to quote your work. Looking forward to many project with you. Give us a try. .

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