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Wuhan jianheng metal technology Co,.Ltd

Wuhan, 湖北 (Hubei)



Wuhan Jianheng Metal Technology Co.,Ltd (China). is a professional company focused on providing high quality casting and forging production and development service for world wide customers. We maily supply to the US and Europe, and have established stable cooperation with 13 customers frome 11 different country.

We have specilized technical team to grasp the cuastomer's product demand perfectly and proceed the process design and simulation. Our experienced production engineers will track the production on site in the factories we cooperate with. Before delivery, our QC engineers conduct acceptance inspection and issue standard report according to customer standard. When delivering our logistics department can perfectly cooperate with the designated forwarder of the customer, or arrange delivery to your door directly . We not only help to solve the procurement, but also the extension of your various departments in China.

We have established a supply chain system with quality and cost advantages, including more than 50 factories and covering most kinds of production processes and materials.  Based on in-depth research and dynamic update of Chinese factories, make us can always select the most proper process and factory for you to ensure the quality and lower the cost.

We can supplier castings made of gray iron, ductile iron, Aluminium alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel and forgings in various process: die forging, ring forging, rotary forging...

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Wuhan, 湖北 (Hubei)


SUNNY Technologies Incorporation Limited (SUNNYCHINA) is specialized in technical services of strip process and coating & plating complete equipment in R&D, manufacturing, equipment assembly, commissioning, etc. and general contract of project construction for offering the complex solution to customers. SUNNYCHINA mainly focuses on the whole process line of cold rolled system, including pickling, cold rolling, galvanizing, color coating, annealing, flattening, tension leveling, recoiling, etc.

Wuhan Tianxingtong Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.(TXT LASER) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of laser precision processing equipment industry and specializing in laser processing equipment research and development, production, sales and service. Focus on laser technology and applications, providing users with complete solutions and products and technical support for laser processing applications. Main products: laser precision processing equipment and optoelectronic testing equipment (including lasers, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser metal cutting machines, laser engraving and cutting machines, etc.).

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