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Hebei Metals & Minerals Corp. Ltd

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Shijiazhuang, 河北 (Hebei)


Established in 1974, Hebei Metals Minerals is a leading and most honored manufacture of OEM casting parts in cast iron/ductile iron, steel/s.s, aluminum and brass/bronze materials. We have different kinds of casting process as sand casting, investment casting by lost wax, die casting, permanent casting for suitable parts. With more than 30 years experience and a high educated and responsible quality control team, we can assure every part delivered out from our factory is qualified. This proves to be the most important factor for our customers to be in a long and good business relationship with us. Meantime, we have stamping and extrusion facilities, which were originally oriented for casting fittings only. Now they are both quite strong. The stamping facility can produce parts using 0.1mm to 9mm thick material sheets by stamping machines. And for thicker material, we can use laser cutting to do the parts. We also have good welder to do parts assembly work. Aluminum extrusion common used material is ASTM A6061 and ASTM A6063. We can also do machining for extrusions as requested. Overall, if you have casting parts, stamping, extrusion or assembly parts demand, please contact us as soon as possible. You will be satisfied with our products, our communication and our people!

Hebei Yogem Castings Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang, 河北 (Hebei)

HEBEI YOGEM is a supplier of OEM castings.

The materials are mainly involved in grey iron/ductile iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, duplex/supper duplex, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel etc. We produce them by lost wax (silica gel; water glass), pre-coated sand and resin sand.

Over 95% of our products are exported to more than 15 countries, such as USA, Canada, European Union countries, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries.

Both raw castings and machining components can be done in our work-shop.

Our products are widely used in the filed of pumps, valves, oil & gas, automotive, food machine, agriculture machine, construction and so on. Through many years improvements we have built a complete supply chain including foundries, machining facilities and inspection centre.

Besides technology and innovation, we pay more attention to environmental protection.

More about HEBEI YOGEM Casting Parts, please

We are specialized in all kinds of raw castings and machining parts for many years in China.Our products include all kinds of raw castings to be made of ductile iron,grey iron,brass,stainless steel and aluminium,machined castings and forged parts.To make these parts according to the customers' drawings, We have relative mostsuitable production craft and equipments, such as resin sand, sand mould, hot core boxes, lost-wax, lost-foam and CNC machines and so on. Specially for the valves' parts and mechanical parts,we have collected many good experience for these products with good surface and material.Our products are mainly exported to Germany,Sweden,Uk,Denmark,France,USA,Middle-East,and so on.We have been trying our best to establish or develop good business relations with new or old customers on the basisi of "mutual benefits anbd common development.

Hebei Shinning Metals Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang, 河北 (Hebei)


·       Shinning Metals, your one stop shop for custom-made investment castings. Main products includes:

·       Heat treatment fixtures applied in varies type of heat treatment furnaces, such as furnace basket, furnace tray and etc.

·       Stainless steel castings applied in Auto industry, Pumps and Valves, Chemical industry, Food machinery and etc.

 We treasure each and every possible opportunity and see every customer's satisfaction as our goal. We have and will always stick to our original beliefs to offer all customers the best service and have been accomplishing total customer satisfaction by competitive prices, superior production control, strict quality assurance and punctual delivery.


????, ?? (Hebei)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Qinhuangdao Ruilong Precision Parts Casting Co., Ltd. is located in Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, a beautiful coastal city. Between Tianjin Port and Qinhuangdao Port, it is close to 205 National Highway, Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing-Shenzhen Railway, and Shanhaiguan Airport to the east. The sea, air and air transportation is very convenient and developed. The beautiful Jieshi Mountain, the most popular tourist attraction, Beidaihe, the Gold Coast, are nearby Close at hand. The company focuses on R&D and production of powder metallurgy products and silica sol precision casting. It has introduced a full set of precision casting equipment from Taiwan and selected 162 model wax from the United States. Australia produced zircon sand, zircon powder, high-quality silica sol, high-quality technical workers, and business managers with many years of experience. Self-built powder metallurgy plant in 2008 has been committed to technological progress and management progress. Production equipment, testing equipment and various technical and management personnel are complete. At present, there are more than 20 professional powder metallurgy presses, 6 powder metallurgy sintering furnaces and vacuum furnace stainless steel sintering furnaces, equipped with gas protection devices-combined protection devices for ammonia decomposition and air separation nitrogen production equipment. And has a strong development of new products Ability to meet the needs of customers, develop together and create a win-win situation. Products are directly or indirectly exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The products involve rail transit locks, wind energy locks, textile machinery, medical machinery, electrical hardware, automobiles, ships, ductile iron, gray cast iron, various cast irons. Various precision castings in mining and metallurgy. According to quality, on time, and quantity to meet our customers demand. High-quality products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad. The company is based on people-oriented, technological innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, and pursuit of excellence. Higher, stronger and faster concept, dedicated to serving our customers.

The company will serve you wholeheartedly in line with the principle of reputation*, customer*, and wish our customers a wealth of money and a prosperous business!

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