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Harbin dongsheng metal co.,ltd

Harbin, 黑龙江 (Heilongjiang)


Dongsheng are the biggest Aluminium alloying additive manufacturer, which have 3 plants in China established in 1995.

*Alloying tablets:

Manganese tablet ,Mn :75%,80%,85%,90% 

Iron tablet, Fe :75%,80%,85%,90% 

Titanium tablet ,Ti : 75%,80%,85% 

Chromium tablet ,(Cr:75%,80%,85%) 

Nickel tablet, (Ni:75%,80%,85%) 

Copper tablet ,(Cu:75%,80%) 

Fast melting Silicon, (Si:95%) 

*Master alloys:

(AlSi,AlFe,AlMn,AlCr,AlCu,AlV,AlZr,AlSr,AlTiB, etc.) 


(Manganese flakes,Manganese powder,Magnesium ingot, .) 

Our Strength:

1). 100% factory manufacture and factory direct export.

2). Competitive price and quality guaranteed

3). Different specifications as per customer's requirement.

4). More than 20 years of experience in producing metal materials.

5). Professional team and technical personnel, solve all the problems you meet.

Harbin Core Tomorrow Science&Technolgy Co.,LTd.

Harbin, 黑龙江 (Heilongjiang)


Harbin Core Tomorrow Science & Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on research,development, production and sales of nanoscale precision positioning products, mainly in the service of high-end precision equipment manufacturers. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, our market has covered all well-known colleges and universities, research institutes, and high precision equipment manufacturers, and exported to Europe, America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea and other countries. We have established partnerships with a number of high-tech enterprises, state key laboratory, has become Chinese most professional precision positioning products manufacturer.

Harbin Core Tomorrow has gained national recognition of high-tech enterprises, and has strong research and development strength, by the end of 2013, has more than 20 patents, including invention patent, utility model patents, appearance patent, software copyright, etc., covering key technologies of precision positioning, detection and sensing, control, software,etc

Harbin Core tomorrow provides precision positioning technology solutions and series products for customers from all over the world , which can realize nanometer resolution and nanoscale positioning accuracy. Products mainly include piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric ceramic, piezo stack, precision piezoelectric actuators, piezoelectric motor, piezoelectric linear motor, 1 to 6 axes precision positioning and scanning stage, piezo phase shifter, 1 to 3 axes precision piezoelectric deflection mirrors/platforms, piezoelectric objective scanners, six degrees of freedom parallel mechanism,Hexapod, piezoelectric ceramic power supply, piezoelectric driver/controller, LVDT/capacitance/laser measuring system, etc. And we also provide maintenance service of piezoelectric dispensing valve and other services.

At present, Harbin Core Tomorrow's products have been widely used in semiconductor technology, photonics, telecommunications, integrated optics, optical instruments and devices, medical biological microscope equipment, life sciences, precision machining equipment, medical design, data storage technology, nanotechnology, nanofabrication,nanoautomation, aeronautics, image processing and other fields. Harbin Core Tomorrow is contributing strength for industrial automation, aerospace and etc.

Harbin Core Tomorrow focuses on nano science and technology industrial development, with own independent intellectual property rights of precision positioning technology, and widely absorbing the international advanced technology experience, and constantly pioneering and innovative, breaking technical barriers, and providing personalized solutions for customers from home and abroad, helping customers solve technical problem, and realizing common promotion of customer value and enterprise value. Any questions please feel free to contact us at

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