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Shenyang Leete Machinery Co., Ltd

SHENYANG, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

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Shenyang Leete Machinery Co., Ltd

---- professional manufacturer of machined parts

Shenyang Leete Machinery Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing of precision parts and machinery. It is located in Dongta Industrial Park, Shenyang City, with a modern production workshop of more than 6500 square meters. More than 120 employees, all kinds of technical management personnel more than 10 people, full-time inspection personnel 10 people, with a strong research and production capacity, with strict quality control system, management organizations, a number of high-quality staff and perfect after-sales service system, has passed the IS0:9001 quality system certification.

The company currently has a variety of machinery and equipment more than 90 sets:

CNC machine center 55 sets

High precision surface grinding machine 12 sets

High precision cylindrical grinding machine 3 sets

Auxiliary machines more than 10 Taiwan

HEXAGON three coordinates testing machines 2sets

Helium Spectrometer leak detector 2sets

Dynamic balance testing machines

Laser marking machine

The precision of machined parts can meet the flatness 0.005mm, the parallelism 0.008mm, the contour within 0.04mm.

Shenyang Leete Machinery Co., Ltd. early and Chinese Academy of Sciences Rubber Research Institute together for the Yanshan Petrochemical domestic rubber products project service. In the middle for Beijing, Shenyang rubber institute to solve the space project of all kinds of mold development and research. At the same time for Neusoft (Philips) digital medical machinery production of all kinds of products. In 2007, the focus of production was transferred to Shenyang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences. From product research and development to mass production, we have deep cooperation with Shenyang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now we are the A-class supplier of Shenyang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences. Can undertake all kinds of high precision non - standard mechanical parts processing projects.

Our products have been exported to United States, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Mexico, etc with an excellent reputation.


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SHENYANG, 辽宁 (Liaoning)


Mountain (China) International OEM Group Limited (Mountain OEM Group) is mainly specialized in the OEM productions in our facilities in China and the supply to North America and European Market.

Fan Fei(Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd

Shenyang, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

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Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of construction membrane system. Company’s main products- 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP ® series house wrap product with excellent air tightness,waterproof and breathable performance, covering the building insulation layer, can effectively improve building envelope structure of energy efficiency and block the wind and rain invasion on the building , effectively reduce heat loss.It is the ideal protective layer of the building. Fanfei company is committed to providing outstanding contributions to building energy conservation and environment protection. Committed to providing customers with a complete product system and accessories, we can provide customers with high-quality design solutions according to different climates and different building structures.

Shenyang Zhanhongtu machinery

Shenyang, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

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Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd Is a professional manufacturer of special-shaped veneer equipment in China.At present, the company has more than 100 employees and the plant area reaches 30,000 square meters.The equipment covers all parts of China and overseas markets.Over the past ten years, zhanhongtu has been adhering to customer focus and continuous innovation based on market demand, winning respect and trust from industry professionals.

Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd

Shenyang, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

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Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of special-shaped veneer equipment in China. At present, the company has more than 100 employees and the plant area reaches 30,000 square meters. The equipment covers all parts of China and overseas markets. Over the past ten years, zhanhongtu has been adhering to customer focus and continuous innovation based on market demand, winning respect and trust from industry professionals. We established a strong r&d team, it reached world leading level in the research coated effect, energy loss and performance configuration, it launched a series of high-end performance laminating machine, Up to thirty varieties, widely used in all kinds of cabinets blister (membrane pressure cabinet), solid wood veneer cabinet, solid wood composite door, no paint door, board type furniture, profile coated, etc. The products have passed the European Union CE certification, and the equipment is exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa and more countries and regions. The high-gloss PVC series press developed by shenyang zhanhongtu, and the positive and negative pressure series press machine belong to the top quality of the industry, which brings the unexpected processing effect to the customer group and better meets the customer demand.
Dalian Beigang Mechanical Instrument Co.,Ltd was originally founded in 1992, Now we have more than 200 employees and possess over 30 machine tools, 3 CNC machining centers,20 stamping machines, 60 instrument lathes, and more than 20 equipments for a variety of stamping models which have the producing capacity of 50 million per year.According to the drawing or sample, we can produce machining and stamping parts. The processing materials include carbon steel, stainless steel , copper, aluminum, and some others like plastic cement, nylon and so forth. In addition, the surface treatment, for instance, buffing, galvanization, plastic-spraying,anodic oxidation, can be done as per customers' request. We adopt Japanese industrial managerial mode. With the requirement of high quality, lowest price and fastest delivery we have gained renowned reputation and favor of many Japanese customers since the company have been established more than 10 years. In recent five years, we have gained more trust and support of the customers which are come from the America,Canada,England and Germany. Our company's principle is: to get unlimited business development to our company, to provide services to customers in every possible way. Our company not only provides customers with high quality products, but also a competitive price globally for both old and new clients. Our company is waiting for the numerous buyers to be our copartners with the most sincere credit.


营口市, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

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辽宁卡锐智机械设备制造有限公司是一家集生产、销售、研发为一体重型装备制造企业,主要为能源 、船舶 、冶金 、石化 、发电、矿山 、风电设备等行业提供成套设备、备件、高新产品和技术服务。 公司以科技为本、技术一流,重质量、讲信誉,赢得国内外新老客户一致好评。目前,已联合十余家大中型机械制造加工企业,共同合作成立集群式联合机械制造加工平台,扩大业务承接能力,以优秀的品质一如既往的为客户提供优良的服务,欢迎新老客户致电垂询!


Shenyang, 辽宁 (Liaoning)



Shenyang Sunnyjoint Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable integrate rubber chemicals supplier established in 2003. We have already certified by the ISO9001 and have few subsidiaries and plants. Shenyang Sunnyjoint now becomes one of the biggest rubber chemical suppliers in China. We are committed to providing our customers with rubber auxiliaries, including rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant, vulcanizing agent, anti-scorching agent and so on. Today products with our brands “SUNNYJOINT” and “MAXCHEM” are exported to tire plants, conveyor belt factories, and other rubber parts manufacturers all over global markets while widely recognized by customers. With our own strong brands, we will grow together with our customers and partners, and seek to win with integrity and fairness in the future.


Dalian, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

Lonsun Metallurgy Machinery Corp. has 30 years experience for the mill rolls. We focus on supply high quality rolls for hot mill and cold mills with reasonable price and delivery. 

Now our roll manufactory annual output is 12,000tons, more than 4000tons export to all over the world. There are 215 workers, 45 technicians. The roll pant is equipped with advanced equipment including sets of MF and IF induction furnaces, sets of heat treatment furnaces and finishing machines with CNC controlled. The chemical composition is precisely tested by ELTRA carbon & sulphur determinator and ARL direct-reading spectrometer. And we also have an advanced ZEISS electric microscope for analyzing the microstructure. The quality of interface is monitored by ultrasonic flaw detection method. Our roll manufactory boasts perfect quality guarantee system and product quality inspection means due to its qualification of ISO 9001.

Our commitment goes far beyond the sale and we are dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with all our clients. Our superior products, coupled with the outstanding levels of after-sales and value-added services we provide, account for unprecedented customer satisfaction and loyalty. In testament to this, Lonsun enjoys a near 100% repeat clientele ratio and we have worked together with many mills for over 10 years.

Dalian jinshengyang machinery co.,ltd

Dalian, 辽宁 (Liaoning)

Dalian jinshengyang machinery co.,ltd is a manufacturer based out of Asia that joined MFG in 2020. They specialize in .

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