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Newtop Silicone

XAIMEN, 福建 (Fujian)



LSR(Liquid silicone rubber) injection molding is a process that is widely used in the production of precision silicone parts.It is one of the core processes of LIM(Liquid Injection Molding), and based on it, other LIM processes such as overmolding and multi-shot molding are derived.

Xiamen Newtop Material Company

XAIMEN, 福建 (Fujian)

NEWTOP is a company specialized in the provision of liquid silicone rubber injection services that has more than 12 years of experience in the sector.

We are a pioneer company both in the design and application of LSR and LSR 2-shot techniques, including LSR multi-shot solutions in various fields such as personal items, baby care items, kitchen and home items. in general, all kinds of toys, cleaning products, products for pets, parts for electronic products, etc.

We are trusted by brands around the world who delegate the production of their products to us.

Our staff is made up of a team of professionals with long experience in the industry of manufacturing products with liquid silicone, as well as a strong R&D and marketing department. We have workers from different countries, which helps us to have a broader vision of the world market and the needs it demands. Thanks to whose effort our products meet the highest quality standards, thus facilitating our 3 main purposes “to offer the highest quality, the best service and a globally competitive price.”

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