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EFUNG Model Technology Co., Limited

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ZHONGSHAN, 广东 (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



EFUNG Model is one of the biggest professional rapid prototyping companies in China. With extremely experienced staff and technology, we can offer an excellent level of quality, service and reliability, in a very short lead-time and at low cost.

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Zhongshan, 广东 (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


SuNPe Prototype is specialized in rapid prototyping industry for 13 years and offering high quality, low cost and high efficiency prototypes to our clients worldwide. We hope to establish business relationship with you. We have more than 400 skilled staffs, 100 sets CNC machines, 3 sets vacuum casting machines, and 50 sets other assorted processing machines. The products involve Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Electronic and Industrial Products, and etc.. Our services mainly cover: CNC Rapid Machining Vacuum Casting Plastic rapid tooling / Injection Mold SLA and ALS Sheet Metal Die Casting Rubber/Silicone Extrusion We have a professional engineer group who can offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your projects. We have our long-term cooperative International Express, like UPS, FEDEX and DHL, which can ensure the short delivery time and that has won vigorously support and trust from global clients.

Sinotekk Co., Ltd.

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Zhongshan, 广东 (Guangdong)


Sinotekk is your professional trust worthy partner who has been dedicated to provide with Tooling design manufacturing, Die casting as well as contracted manufacturing solutions for 15 years in China. Sinotekkis a key partnerof your company, because so much of what you do begins with a part being machinedwell. Here you will find a total complement of machining equipment and processes from state-of-the-art CNC machining centers to automated loading of dual spindle lathes. One of Sinotekk's strengths is our ability to help your team design the product best suited for their markets, making the product more affordable and manufacturing friendly. Customers often use this ability to bring their products to market faster than the competition. Our ability to be production-ready on short notice is made possible by tooling-up quickly utilizing our experienced tool designer manufacturing house. Within a couple of weeks we are able to run production on new products. Whether the quantities are small or large,Sinotekkhas the capabilities of meeting our customers' most demanding needs.

Sinotekk Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan, 广东 (Guangdong)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Sinotekk Procision Manufactuering provides one stop solution from mold development to Casting as well as fast and efficient CNC turning and milling services. Being a reliable, versatile company, we are capable of satisfying customer requirements. Whatever you need, our extensive experience means that we are able to deliver your goods to specification, on time and with the minimum of fuss. As an innovative company, we manufacture critical precision components in small, medium and high volumes to exacting quality standards, in a wide range of materials. We are defined by quality- quality tooling, quality casting & quality machines, quality personnel. We serve customers Europe, America and Asia.

Zhongshan Hibird Tech Co., Ltd.

4.50 (2)

Zhongshan, 广东 (Guangdong)



Zhongshan Hibird is a family-owned company with decades of experience making high precision machined (Milling & Turning) components and assemblies. 

While our core strength is in CNC machining, we have a robust network of suppliers doing Investment Casting, Pressure Die Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Injection Molding in close geographical proximity. We also have plenty of space for performing low volume product assembly on site. 

Introduction to the Founder and CEO

Mr. Jack Wan, owner, and CEO of Hibird, started his career in 1994 on assembling retro video game consoles, eventually becoming an assembly line supervisor. For a few years, he worked at that company before eventually moving to work at the Taiwanese OEM partner that manufactures Callaway golf clubs, where he worked for nearly 15 years. 

During his time at the Callaway plant, he was intensively trained as a factory manager. He was responsible for managing the CNC Machining department, Investment Casting, Heat Treatment, and Titanium Polishing departments, leading hundreds of craftsmen to produce premium quality golf clubs. 

After a long and devoted career at the Callaway plant, he felt it was time for him to open his own CNC machining company. So his family chipped in to form Zhongshan Hibird. They purchased just a few machines to start. With just a few customers, they slowly built their reputation, kept reinvesting their profits into new equipment, and gradually expanded to have a facility with over 50 employees and a wide range of equipment.


We offer a one-stop-shop experience for our customers. Whether it be high precision machined components or castings which require accurate and repeatable post-machining operations, we can help. 

We have a great team of experienced sales engineers ready and eager to help you with your product development or component manufacturing needs.

Zhongshan H.R.T. Precision Steel Ball Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan, 广东 (Guangdong)

Zhongshan H.R.T Precision Steel Ball Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, a great man, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Founded in 2008, the company is a modern and advanced company integrating R&D and manufacturing. The company has 59 employees, including 1 graduate student, 13 undergraduate students, and 45 junior college graduates. The company mainly produces precision stainless steel balls and bearing steel balls, and is equipped with semi-finished ceramic balls, copper balls, glass balls and plastic balls. It is widely used in bearings, lithium batteries, micro motors, precision molds, auto parts, precision instruments, Medical equipment and precious metal grinding and cosmetics industries are sold well in domestic, Southeast Asian, European and American countries. The company has 250 production and testing equipment with a production capacity of 100 million pieces per month. The company also independently develops and manufactures high-end advanced steel ball sorting equipment, testing equipment and automated steel ball manufacturing equipment, etc., while continuously improving the quality level of steel balls, it also serves other enterprises that produce precision steel balls! It is also a company with a certain representativeness in this industry. 

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