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Shanxi Fuding International Trade Co., Ltd.

4.76 (49)

Taiyuan, 山西 (Shanxi)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Shanxi Fuding International Trade Co., Ltd.(SXFD) is a professional exportoriented manufacturer of industrial machining, casting, stamping , sheet metal fabrication and injection molding. SXFD has a group of highly professional and experienced engineers and inspectors to handle design, drawing draft and modification, in process quality control. This has made it pos-sible for us to carefully plan, monitor, control our technology and supply best quality in final. We look forward to receiving your valued inquires, and working with you to contribute to the continued success of your business.

Shanxi Rayforce manufacture co., ltd.

1.00 (1)

Taiyuan, 陕西 (Shaanxi)



We make big casting parts!

Talking about the castings parts by carbon and alloy steel, RAYFORCE has casting foundry covers a total area of about 40,000 square meters and has over 300 employees with powerful machining capabilities in Shanxi province. It consists of 2 major facilities, both steel casting foundry and CNC machining factory which enable us to supply casting parts with annual capacity of over 20,000 tons. Our company has inspection equipment including Spectrometer, Metallographic Microscope, Tension Tester, Low Temperature Tester, X-ray Tester, MPT, UT, CMM, Video Measurement Machine and so on.

As you might noticed, our advantage is for the casting parts in comparative big size. We're be able to product a single casting part with up to 40 tons weight, per piece. We have a professional & experienced team, and proper & advanced equipment to make sure the big casting could be carried out in the correct method. RAYFORCE casting parts has been applied to mining, shipyard, construction site, and so on. We're pretty confident for what we can do for the big casting, and we'd like to exchange the ideas with our clients, the experts, the designers around the world. 

Welcome to visit us! 

Shanxi Zhongde Dingli Machinery Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd

太原(Taiyuan), 山西 (Shanxi)



Founded in 2000, Dingli Group is an expert specializing in providing customized solutions for various problems encountered in rock crushing operations. Dingli Group has been committed to providing a variety of technologically advanced rock-breaking machinery for the construction industry.

After more than 10 years of development in China, our rock breaking machinery has become the leading manufacturer of rock breaking machinery in China. Our products have passed the test of various domestic complex construction environments. This technology is already very reliable and can solve various problems encountered in rock crushing operations for you.

Our major products consist of Hydraulic Rock Splitters, Super Wedge, Piston Splitter, Excavator Drill attachment, Core Drills, and their associated attachments. Our products are characterized by their Low Vibration & Reduced Noise, which aim at protecting the environment without causing inconvenience or damages to the local community around your job site.

We are proud of the quality of our customer service and ensure fast and on-time delivery to meet your urgent requirements. We are on standby at any time to serve you, and we promise to redouble our efforts to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

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