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NTC Machine Limited

4.33 (3)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


NTC Machine Limited (Shanghai Bidiao Machinery Co., Ltd) is a special industrial and trading company ,established 2003 year, live in Jinshan district of Shanghai city, more than 200 employees in investment casting factory, mainly handle investment castings, precision castings/ lost wax castings and CNC machines lathes with stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum etc. We also offer the services of die casting, sand casting,aluminum casting and iron casting. Our factory that made investment casting is passed ISO 9001 quality control, our parts sells to USA/ Europe / Canada /Japan /India/ Africa, Singapore and other countries Because of rich experience in investment casting, CNC machine, lathe, we are willing to cooperate with you on high quality and stable business. "Best Credit first, Best friend first and then work" is our belief, Welcome to Shanghai and Our company at any time, we are looking forward to cooperate with u soon!

Unionfab AM Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

SHANGHAI, 上海 (Shanghai)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Unionfab is Asia's leading 3D Printing Manufacturing Company for Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production Parts. We have over 400 industrial-grade 3D printing equipment for SLM, SLS, MJF, FDM, DLP, PolyJet, CNC, Rapid, Vacuum and Investment Casting, etc. We operate Five Mega-Scale Production factories in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Anhui in China.

Unionfab and its parent company Uniontech, the leader in China's 3D printing industry, occupy 60% of the market share.We provide parts manufacturing services from 1 to 100,000 pieces, helping customers achieve one-stop service from design, rapid prototyping, and direct digital manufacturing.

In addition, the Unionfab online platform is networked to hundreds of manufacturing 3D printers. As a result, it guarantees fast lead times while offering a broad array of capabilities such as order management, customization, quoting, AI process, etc. Unionfab buyers range from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Our Business Philosophy: Better Quality, All-inclusive, Low Price, Rapidly.

Better Quality: Quality Standards are our hallmark. 

1.   20 years of 3D printing process precipitation.

As an earlier manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers in China. The accumulation of 3D printing technology allows us to use 3D printing to produce the best product effects and precision. 

2.    Full-Process Production Control.

Our Unionfab Cloud is a 3D digital production management system to fine-tune the production process to ensure on-time and on-demand delivery.

3.    Quality Control.

 All parts are inspected under our mandatory checks, and any defective parts will be reprinted or refunded for free.

All-inclusive: One-stop provider, Stress-Free Production, Various Materials with finishing

  1. Over 80 Various Materials

As a leading small-batch manufacturing service provider in Asia, we have over 80 types of standing processing materials. In addition, we also provide customised materials according to your needs.

  1. Rich Processing Technology.

We provide a variety of processing methods from 3D printing, CNC, injection moulding, silicone over-moulding, precision casting, etc.

  1. Various Post-Processing.

Backed by a robust supply chain and technology, with a fast lead time on finishing.

Low Price: Innovation at a lower cost.

Thanks to China's low cost of materials, equipment and labour. We provide global customers with low-cost and better-quality parts processing services. For example, according to estimates, the price of our printing service is 70% lower than that of European and American competitors. At the same time, as a priority DHL/UPS/FedEx member, we provide a low cost for air transportation.

Rapidly: Quick, Swift, and Fast-Moving.

1.   Quick Quotation

 Our website supports automatic quotation within 5 seconds production cost quoted; 90% of complex orders complete quotation within 24 hours and 10% of complex parts are quoted within 48 hours.

2.   Swift Production

90% of Orders are produced within 2-3 days, thanks to our large quantity of equipment and fast production rhythm.

3.   Fast-Moving Logistics

   As a priority DHL/UPS/FedEx member, our air logistics speed arrives at        your local between 3- 5 days.

Unionfab Mission Statement

At Unionfab, our mission is to empower our customers worldwide to ease product manufacturing by providing the fastest, most comprehensive, and quality low-volume manufacturing services.

Unionfab Core Values

1.   Customer Focus. Dedicated to customer needs; providing value-added service at every touch point.

2.   Innovation. Creative in generating value; anticipating and embracing change for new opportunities.

3.   Commitment to Excellence. Quality in our products, service and support.

4.   Integrity. Honest and trustworthy in all we do.

SMA/Shuimin AG

4.80 (5)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)




Standard Manufacturer for America, SMA/Shuimin AG, is a China based Manufacturing and product development company. SMA's North American marketing and operation office is located in Milford, Connecticut to provide the manufacturing and consulting needs for worldwide equipment and machinery manufacturers and Institutions. SMA is a model and a pioneer of the co-operation between Chinese enterprise and foreign companies. We have made a very important contribution to the modernization and the privatization of China's industry.

SMA/Shuimin AG and its associate companies have over 55,000 employees to handle the manufacturing purchase orders from over the world. There are 2000 technicians, senior engineers, senior management specialists and experts. Most of our plants meet the ISO9001:2000 set of quality standards and procedures.

SMA/Shuimin AG integrates market exploration, research development, production and after sales services. SMA has an efficient logistics and sophisticated engineering infrastructure. Using its strong marketing power and excellent services in North America, SMA has established over 1 billion businesses ready to serve today. SMA and its associate companies, have the most rapid RD and production turnover.

With the continuous growth and development, SMA has set up a systematic and rigorous procurement group with profound expertise, vigilance and multi-disciplined approach to quality control and project management for our global customers.

Shanghai Ningnuo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


SNE is a professional supplier for OEM mechanical components and subassemblies in China, with rich experience in diverse fields like investment castings, other casting processes, machining, stamping, plastic injection, sintering, and mould, etc. It is our aim to satisfy your requirements for reliable quality control, efficient communication and cooperative services. SNE values our approved manufactures as an important resource. There are hundreds of factories that we visited, from which we can choose the most suitable supplier according to your product property, manufactures' capacity, certificates, quality level and price level. Our factories are ISO9000 or ISO9001 certified. Some have other certificates like TS16949, TUV PED, CE, Lloyd, etc. With our team's rich and profound technical knowledge and modern management system like ERP software, we can be your one stop of various mechanical components. We've made hundreds of components for some world famous clients successfully. SNE is your quality controller. We make samples inspection and pre-shipment inspection and on-production monitoring. All your concerns will be listed in our checking points to be controlled. The test processes we can make are material spectrometer analyzing, NDT tests, Low temperature Sharpy test, etc. We can make 3D drawings by ourselves to help our communication. A 2600 square meter workhouse has been built up for machining and assembling and quality control. A good cooperation partner can make your business and life full of pleasure. We warmly welcome friends from all the world to cooperate with us and create a bright future together.

Maysea Ltd

5.00 (3)

上海, 上海 (Shanghai)


In the year of 2010, first plant of Maysea was built in industrial park of Kunshan city, the main purpose was to provide Metal stamping parts to local customers, founders invested stamping equipment from 20 tons to 500 tons in the plant, we have also built the tooling design and manufacturing capacity in the year after that.

In the year of 2014, foundry of Maysea was built in Jiangsu, with capacity of annual casting tonnage capacity of 2000 tons annually, this foundry can manufacturing investment casting and die casting parts.

In the year of 2017, Maysea invested the Machining facility in Nanjing city to meet the increasing demand of local customers, We have 50 sets of all kinds of CNC Machines in this facility.

In the years after 2017, We were mainly searching for the new opportunities for organic growth, we built JVs with potential customers and partners in Dalian, Jiangyin and Shanghai, we aggressively provide diverse solutions and manufacturing process to meet our customers’ demand.

Pls contact us for any inquiry:

Our factory is an ISO 9001--2008 certified manufacturer. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of various metal parts and plastic parts, components and accessories for industrial purposes in China. Our main products are stamping parts, plastic injection parts, precision machining parts Protype Samples and components(such as CNC milling,turning,drilling,tapping,stamping and anodizing) for industrial and consumptive purposes,our precision parts and assemblies conform to special industrial standards. Our metal materials include: Copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, Zamak, carbon steel,zinc alloy etc. Our factory is equipped with a multitude of manufacturing equipment, including (20) 1-120T punch machines, (5) injection machines, (3) machining centers, (10)machine tools, (2) CNC EDMs machines that have the ability to perform milling, planning, grinding, bending, (3)welding machines and more. Our factory is supported by experienced technical teams, we can offer one stop-service from drawing design, tools samples manufacturing, mass productions, packing to shipment. In addition to perform full process. Our principles High-quality service Competitive prices Consistent quality Prompt delivery We take 100% responsibility for our products All client information is kept strictly confidential We deliver high quality products at competitive prices. We warmly welcome you to contact us and come to visit our factory. We sincerely hope that we can develop a strong and successful business relationship with you. GD will prove to be a reliable OEM partner!


Jiuliting, 上海 (Shanghai)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Shanghai Yuki Metal Products CO., LTD, is a Japanese-owned company registered in Shanghai in 1995.

Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier specialized in Development, Manufacturer of high-quality CNC parts.

We specializes in manufacturing and processing all kinds of standard and non-standard CNC parts, aluminum alloy parts, stamping parts, and other metal parts. 

We also have two independent plants providing surface treatment, testing, assembly, and packaging service.

Our products are widely used in Electronic appliances, construction machinery, automotive, medical, and other fields.

Our company looks beyond making the best quality products. We highly value customer satisfaction and regard customer service as one of our company's priorities.

Contact us for more information.

We look forward to working with you!

Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of micro membrane filtration equipment and filtration systems.

Our Main products: membrane pleated filter cartridge, high flow filter cartridge, condensate polishing pleated filter element, condensate polishing string wound filter element, membrane wound filter cartridge, melt blown filters, metal wedge wire filter, metal sintered mesh filters, sintered fiber felt filter, and power sintered filters; all kinds oil and gas filters.

Production main applications: Biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, microelectronics, fine chemicals, water treatment, laboratory and other fields; covering LCD panels, semiconductor chips, high-purity chemicals, APIs, water reuse, condensate filtration, water reuse etc.

Our laboratory is equipped with varieties of test facilities: Aperture distribution instrument, water single-pass test bench, scanning electron microscope, bacterial challenge lab, online particle detector, diaphragm test bench, air permeability tester, filter cartridge integrity tester, test trolley for simulating field conditions, etc. With several test experts, quickly provide customers varies conditions solutions.

We have 3000 square meters Purification Workshop (100,000-level &10,000-level)

, and more than 10 production lines for various precision filters cartridge. Strict quality control of products, in accordance with international certification standards, At the same time, it is equipped with a well-structured, high-level technical R&D and verification team, provide quality products for customers.

Focusing on R&D and innovation investment, acquired multiple patents, designed various filters cartridge and housings suitable for different working conditions, effectively improve filters service life and reducing customers operating costs. 

"Respect, Unity, Struggle, Excellence" is the core of our company. Based on outstanding humanities and production environment, we will continue to strengthen new product development capabilities and testing method, and provides good solutions for our customers.

Welcome to visit our company.

Digmann Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)



ABOUT THE OWNER of Digmann Products Inc.

David Lu's career started in 2004 in the Aviation industry, manufacturing propeller engine components for training aircraft.

In 2008, David worked for Keiper Automotive, a large German company later acquired by Johnson Controls, managing purchasing for car seat components. It was here where he learned PPAP/TS16949 Quality Management System.

Later, he went on to work for Brose, a large Germen company involved in mechatronics, producing highly sophisticated high precision components.

Seeing a growing market for high-quality precision components, he realized that his experience could enable him to start a job shop of his own, and this is how Digman Products was born in 2019.

Digman Products currently has 50 full-time employees, enjoying 25% YOY growth with big future plans.


We have in-house capabilities in high precision machining and injection molding, with thoroughly vetted partners supporting us with Die Casting and Sheet Metal Fabrication. This enables us to deliver a complete fabrication service for our customers, serving a wide range of industries.

Our shop is equipped with 3 and 4 axis Brother, HASS high-speed vertical machining centers and various Lathes, enabling us to manufacture parts with high precision and high speed supported by Mastercam.

Our Injection Molding facility is equipped with injection molding machines ranging from 100 to 1000 tons. We can make simple, low-cost bridge tools or fully hardened production tools with hot runner systems.

Supporting this is our ISO9001 certified quality lab, fully equipped with Coordinate Measuring Machines and a complete set of calibrated Pin Gauges, Thread Gauges, and all the other essential inspection tools you expect to find in a precision shop.


We focus on delivering extremely competitive pricing by driving down cycle times without sacrificing quality.

We have a robust quality system capability enabling us to deliver components in both small and larger volumes.

We are flexible; whether making a single part, a 3D printing sample, a CNC prototype or an assembly part, whether in small volume or large volume, we treat it the same service level and we appreciated your trust and great support! Thank you!

Best Regards

David LV

Global Sales Director

Digmann Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

US Cell phone: +16282222066

China Phone: +8613611783573

Wechat: lvdavid125

what's up:+8613611783573


Shanghai Sunir Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in economic center of China - Shanghai city. Specializing in processing of precision machining、mould making、precision casting、hard-extrusion and forging, a multifunctional company. The company devotes itself to supply various components of high-tech equipments, such as semiconductor equipment、solar equipment、LED/LCD detection equipment、medical equipment etc. And service for the industries of Automobile、Electron、Household Appliances、Energy、Aviation、Project Machine、Hardware Machinery、Power Equipment、Construction and so on. Shanghai Sunir Machinery Co., Ltd. equipped with more than 70 units advanced production and test machines, including more than half import machines, such as Mori Seki machining center 19 units from Japan、Okuma CNC tuning machine 12 units from Japan. Besides above production machines, the company has one-up test and inspection equipments more than 10 units which means CMM、Profile Projector、Hardometer、Spectrometer、Tension Tester、UT and so on. With these advanced facilities, we're able to supply non-standard hardware、precision machining parts and abnormity products made of carbon steel、stainless steel、alloy、aluminium and copper. More than 100 specific material specifications and 3,000 kinds of products have been developed and produced in our company. We are proficient in performing various industrial standards, such as Chinese GB, American ASTM, AISI , German DIN, French NF, Japanese JIS, British BS, Australian AS and Association of American Railroads (AAR )and other industrial standards. Our products are mainly exported to foreign markets, which including over 10 countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Holland, Australia and Canada. And the company has already made co-operations with more than 5 out of the World Top 500 companies as one of their major suppliers in China. The company is implementing the modern enterprise management mode, carrying through the information-based management which mainly based on the ERP system and making efforts to achieve administrant standardization, routinization, and institutionalization. It is executing completely the ISO9001 quality management systems inner the company and adding with other advanced management modes, such as 6S, performance management, lean production management and six sigma etc. in order to gain a win-win situation forenterprise's performance and social benefits. After China's accession to WTO, the company has set it as its strategic object that "leading development in this industry, striving to found a great modern enterprise with core competitiveness and core value", confirmed with "leading with the ideas, equipments, QC, services" as its core competitive capability. It sticks to the quality management philosophy that "it starts from the need of customers and ends with their satisfaction, regards customers as its center and transcends their expectations". With the enterprise spirit of "keeping paces with times, pioneering and innovating, harmony and win-win, striving for excellence", and base on the working-style of "honesty and practicalness, persevering unremittingly, teamwork spirit, struggling and exceeding", our company would like to sincerely invite the global prospective buyers to pay a visit and have a good cooperation for a splendid future together.

Shanghai Fyyna Industrial Co. , Ltd.

5.00 (1)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


Shanghai Fyyna Industrial Co,.Ltd

Shanghai Siage Precision Mould Made Co., Ltd

5.00 (1)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


Established in 2006,Shanghai Siage Precision Mould Made Co., Ltd was set up by some professional investors.Our company specializes in the mould design and production,offering various kinds of plastic molding and maching products,which have been widely accepted all over the world. The use of modern technology,such as 3D, 2D , CAD / CAE / CAM /UG and other design software have made our company a rather integrated manufacturer. Our factory cover an area of 1000 square meters, employing over 50 experienced technicians and 6 specialized designors;attained 4 sets Edm machines, 8 sets milling machines, 3 high precision processing centers, 5 ordinary lathe, 5 sets precision grinding machines, 10 sets injection machine and a varity of testing equipment and so on.The annual production mold can reach upl to over 500 sets. The goal for our company is "customer satisfaction is our perpetual pursuit". Three experts engaged in molding more than 10 years are responsible for the company's mould and maching design. Our company also introduced foreign advanced management mode, So it formed a "high efficiency, good quality" model. Besides,we always keep our clients material confidential.The company can always produce all kinds of moulding parts according to the customer requirements and preference. Since its eatablishment,the company has already cooprated with some well-known foreign business:developing more than 300 sets of moulds with Japan Yoshiyama Thousandye Molding Co., Ltd,producing more than 20 million pieces of precision parts Jig for the United States An Peiwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd and 10 million pieces for the Echelon Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ,and we keep friendly relations with them until now.If any of our item is of your interest,please don't hesitate to contact us.

Deinvent Technologies Co.,Ltd.

4.60 (5)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


Plastic mold making, molding,rapid prototyping, die-casting mold, CNC machining are our main manufacture products. Our company is specially engaged in design and manufacturing precision plastic injection mould, die-castings mould and OEMODM service, in order to satisfy various demands of clients, we also provide sourcing service based on rich experience of various fields.

Originex Engineering

5.00 (1)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Originex Engineering was founded by Dr. Shuping Wang in 2017. We accelerate the process of creating custom parts and products for small to medium size businesses and startups, emphasizing cost optimization and quality control.

Originex focuses on providing an easy access to cost-effective on-demand manufacturing services. We have a network of partner factories closely clustered in the Yangtze delta region in China (Shanghai-Zhejiang-Jinagsu) and in Shenzhen-Dongguang area -offering CNC machining, metal stamping, die casting, laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, rubber molding, and aluminum extrusion.

All manufacturing partners are carefully screened and have at least one-year track record with us before we assign volume production orders. We go through the verification and test order process, so our clients can eliminate the overhead of forging a reliable partnership with an oversea contract manufacturer and can then focus on sales and R&D.

We implement strict documentation and QC procedure, so you never need to worry about quality.

Coupled with a vast array of in-house engineering and design capabilities including 3D modeling, FEA/CFD analysis, design for manufacturing, prototyping, laboratory testing, industrial design, photorealistic rendering, we are the ideal partner for small businesses and startups. We work with you to connect dots between innovative ideas to innovative products.

Shanghai Qipang Industrial Co.,LTD

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Shanghai Qi Pang Industrial Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer which is specialized in making rolling ring linear drives (traverse unit, rolling ring drive, linear actuators, linear motion assemblies), The company is located in the JiaDing district ,Anting Town, which is the world financial center in Shanghai. 

We always adhere to the talent oriented and honest business principles since our company established . Our company will continue to attract talents in various fields and advance foreign advanced technology to make our products have a high quality and precision.

Shanghai Yunyan Prototype & Mould Manufacture

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


   Shanghai Yunyan Prototype & Mould Manufacture Factory is a professional enterprise for more than 11 years which OEM / ODM custom processing specialized in making injection/casting mould, 3D printing and CNC machining parts such as: CNC machining parts, SLA/SLS 3D printing, mechanical designing and injection/casting/machining, stamping Production etc.

   Our factory located in glamour city of Shanghai, adjoin Hongqiao-airport, We produce more than 800sets moulds and millions of machining parts, injection/casting parts for our oversea customers each year. Through 10years of our efforts that we got lots of good reputions from our abroad clients and generalize new technologies theory certification to Regulations with many universities all over the world.

   Our factory has very strong professional technical team and efficient management operation system with advanced manufacturing equipments and softwares like CAD/CAM, CIMATRON, PRO/E, UGS, Solidworks, Mastercam etc. Being working on different projects with the well-established customers from US, Australia, Middle East, Asia, Europe for many years.We have very rich experience, good service, lower price and good quality advantages with delivery in time, we are looking forward to recieving your reply and getting altogether wins.

Shanghai Afan Industrial Co.,Ltd

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)



Shanghai Afan Industrial CO.,LTD is one of the leading company in the field of turbocharger & accessories in China . The main products including complete turbocharger, cartridge, shaft, compressor wheel, thrust bearing, housing etc. Till now, Afan has successfully developed complete turbochargers of 1500 models, cartridges and spare parts of more than 1000 models for international Aftermarket company and OEM in China. they are mainly used to Agricultural, truck, passenger cars, offway, marine engines. Such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Cummins, Benz, Volvo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Hyundai, Nissan, Hino etc.

By reason of credible quality and efficient service, Afan has been recognized by many customers in European, American, east-south Asia. Afan Committed to creating an innovative, environmentally friendly and trusted first-class supplier. It is looking forward to provide customers with high level products and superior services to help them achieve high economic efficiency

Shanghai Miaoke Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


Shanghai MiaokePrecision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of waterjet accessories. The company was established in 2007 and is specialized in providing the most advantageous accessories and services for the waterjet industry. Stable quality, affordable price and good service are our tenet. The company has become China's leading supplier of water jet equipment parts.   Shanghai MiaokePrecision Machinery Co., Ltd. Waterjet Fittings Division has sales outlets throughout the country. Its products are widely used in various industries at home and abroad: stainless steel, stone, aluminum, glass, ceramic tile, leather, paper and so on. The company has strong technical strength and many engineers and technicians with rich professional technology and practical application experience to provide customized services and industry solutions.   Water jet technology is not only a high-tech today, but also a safety science technology with broad application prospects in the 21st century.   Shanghai MiaokePrecision Machinery Co., Ltd., professional technology, preferential price, durable quality, win-win attitude welcome new and old customers to inquire!


SHANGHAI, 上海 (Shanghai)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Our company is mainly engaged in the stamping production of automobile body hardware parts as well as civil lamps and chassis hardware accessories. Committed to the development and design and manufacture of metal stamping dies and continuous dies. Equipped with 5 tons -250 tons of various punching machines, tapping machines, welding machines, scissors cars, CNC milling, wire cut EDM, CNC lathe,rocker drills and other ancillary equipment. We can manufacture all kinds of complicated and precise hardware molds according to customers' requirements. And provide stamping samples, small batch production and a large number of precision machining. The mold design is reasonable, the process is mature, the quality is stable, the material utilization rate of the product is high, the speed is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is quick and thoughtful.

Shanghai Zhansong Industrial Limited

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


ZHANSONG Industrial Co. LTD. offers services in CNC mass production and prototyping. We fabricate all kinds of materials from aluminum to plastics and more difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, copper, brass and Titanium. Our experience and knowledge extends to precision detail with the use of CAD/CAM software as well as the newest cnc machine industry tools and equipement. Our state of the art inspection guaranties your parts meet your exacting tolerances.

GCS Machinery Parts Co., Ltd

5.00 (3)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


GCS is a machining workshop in China, but wenot only a machining workshop. Once you work with GCS Machinery Parts, you will call us a partner. We understand that you are looking for value, you want your parts made right the first time, delivered on-time and at a fair price. We understand you wnat to do business with a company that does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. We are that company. GCSis strong atCNC Turning, Milling, Lathing, ID/OD grinding and broachining capability. The material rang we have machined is wide, such as carbon steel,aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and ect. If you are looking for a partner for machined parts, there is GCS Machinery Parts.
Shanghai GuWenJie Precision Machinery Co.Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of aluminum die casting, machine parts, plastics processing and surface treatment。 We are committed to copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium alloy die-casting, and concentrate on improving the level and effectiveness of die casting, our company was is located in Songjiang District Shanghai China, founded in 2007, possessing an area of 2,000 square meters, equipped with perfect and reasonable facilities. , with five 125 to 800 tons die casting machine, more than 30 sets different types of machining, grinding equipment. There are also a group of experienced technicians, workers of machine manufacturing, adjustment and installation in this company. Our company's products mainly include accessories and case of vehicles, furniture, machinery, electrical appliances, lighting, processing, mechanical and electrical products. We now have dozens of domestic and foreign customers, mainly from Europe, America and Japan. "Take the market as guidance, hold the market by technology, subsist in competition with quality, make profit through management" is the idea of the company. Since its establishment, our company has laid stress on studying the requirements of the market, developing and applying new technology and workmanship, strengthening quality management continuously to provide the most reliable and economic equipments for customers. It is GuWenJie's aim to comprehend and meet the requirements of customers, grow and develop together with customers.  GuWenJie will try its best to stand in the front of the market and face the challenge. We warmly welcome customers and professionals to our company to have business survey, negotiation and long term cooperation.

Shanghai Weiya Industry Co., Ltd.

4.00 (1)

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)


Shanghai Weiya Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in Engineering & Design ServicesMachiningSprings & Wire FormingStamping.
Shanghai Grandrising Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer on the MFG platform. They specialize in .

Koolcare Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)

Koolcare Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hot/cold therapy products, which has the best trained wrokforce, the ultimate professional R&D backup, and the most responsive service team. Great products expertise and serving international brands make us your single choice to source in China.

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