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casting technology bulgaria eood

Panagyurishte, Pazardjik Region



casting technology specializes in die casting parts in small to medium annual quantities (500 pieces to 100,000 pieces).

Surface processing, mechanical processing are realized by us.

We take over the entire process from the design of the die casting molds to the ready-to-install component.

We are specialized in relocation of women. Adaptation on our machines, sampling and series delivery in a short time.

  • aluminium high pressure die casting
  • zinc high pressure die casting
  • mold construction
  • trimming
  • punching
  • grinding
  • sand blasting
  • shot blasting
  • deburring
  • machining - CNC
  • painting - wet
  • painting powder
  • bubber plating
  • assembly

Vodenicharov and son

Panagurishte, Pazardjik Region

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Vodenicharov and son Ltd. was founded in the town of Panagyurishte in 1994. Its activity is focused upon the manufacturing of metal articles by metal processing. The production workshop is located in a building which occupies more than 2,0000 square meters of covered area. The company has universal and programming equipment in order to perform its activities. The company team consists of 10 people with more than 40 years of experience. The newest CAD/CAM systems such as SolidWorks and FeatureCam are implemented at our site. The company successfully works with some of the biggest Bulgarian military companies such as Optix AD, Dunarit, Arcus, Opticoelectron, Enduro SAD, Sholi - Optix and others. From 2017, there has been a successful export of parts for Claresys-England.

The last acquired machine is the HAAS VF-2SS EU with a fourth axis in 2018.

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