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São Leopoldo, Rio Grande Do Sul

Distributor of Industrial Products


“Fornecimento de serviços de usinagem e soldagem, em fabricação de componentes metálicos e não metálicos, para indústria da transmissão mecânica, automação, agrícola, construção civil e de ferramentas motorizadas portáteis.

Prestação de serviços de manutenção mecânica, em componentes mecânicos de máquinas para indústrias.”

Trefilação de Aços Cofermo Piedade Ltda

Piedade, Sao Paulo



COFERMO, over the long of these more than 40 years, provides the most diverse forms of steel solutions for its customers. 

We supply to various industry sectors, such as civil construction, agricultural equipment sector, as Tear 2 for the auto parts and two wheels sector, laminated, machined and drawn products.


Recife, Pernambuco

We are metalworking company specializing in laser cutting services for metal sheet fabrication. 7.500 m² industrial shed in Recife-PE (Northeast of Brazil), with high-precision cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets. We also invested in advanced equipment, with high-tech CNC machines to perform metal folds and Plasma cutting with perfect precision. In addition to Metal Sheet processes and metal cutting processes (milling, turning, drilling, threading, grinding), we offer our customers services of metal joining processes (GMAW welding, GTAW welding, STUD welding) and some associated processes (assembly, powder coating and heat treatment). We provide outsourced sheet metal components and assemblies to various industries including construction, metro-rail industry, decorative and automotive markets. 

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