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Furnitur-BY LLC

Minsk, Minsk Province

  Furnitur-BY LLC is the largest company on the CIS territory, which specializes in production and procurement of shoe, sewing and haberdashery accessories from metal and plastic as well as the materials used for shoe production.

  In spite of the fact that the volumes of production are growing our company always fulfill all the obligations undertaken and this makes us a reliable partner for captains of light industry in the CIS countries. Since 2017, we have entered new sales markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Furnitur-BY LLC is always where high quality, optimal price and a warranty of timely delivery are required.

  We are using the highest modern world-class equipment (OMPSA, MOSSINI, IMEL, DM, etc.) at our production workshops. The technical personnel annually improve their qualification skills attending training courses in Germany and Italy. We do love what we make and we use to suppose that there are no little things when creating and producing the hardware! The painstaking work of our employees allows us to introduce advanced technologies and to manufacture products of the highest quality, controlling the production process at all the steps, starting from the development of technical documentation to the serial production and packaging.

  There are more than 100 highly qualified specialists in our company. Production, marketing, sales, logistics, certification services are just a small part of what we truly understand and suggest to our customers, ensuring them with the reliability.

  Long-term partnership with the best manufacturers from 11 countries allows to offer the widest range of shoe accessories, materials and components on the Belorussian market. The price policy of FURNITUR-BY LLC is intended for various categories of consumers and for the optimal balance of price and quality of products.

  Over 15 years, the company made a long way in establishment and development, to be credible for over 1,500 of customers. Shoe factories, sewing enterprises and haberdashery productions located in the Republic of Belarus and beyond it, have appreciated the advantages of cooperation with Furnitur-BY LLC as we offer “transparent” conditions of cooperation, efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions proposed. We will continue to justify the expected confidence, continuously developing and improving ourselves!   

Towson Metallurgical Technologies

Minsk, Minsk Province



Our company is engaged in precision casting all types of cast iron ( high- ligated , refractory ) , and steel ( alloying, Hadfield steel ) . the high quality of our products will delight you


Minsk, Minsk Province

Design / Engineering Firm


SITO is a Design / Engineering Firm based out of Europe that joined MFG in 2013. They specialize in Machining.

UE Transistor Plant




State-owned unitary enterprise “Transistor Plant” – one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the center of Europe with almost a 40-year experience in manufacturing transistors, diodes, ICs and other active electronic components. - Integrated device manufacturer - 70,000 substrates and epi structures (60, 76, 100, 150 mm) per month - SOT-23, TO-92, TO-126, TO-218, TO-220, DIP-8, Case 22A, D-Pak, I-Pak and other package types - An ISO 9001 certified company - In-house R&D center and engineering support for customers - Foundry services - Deliveries 1 to 12 weeks after receiving an order - Supplies in form of probed wafers, chips and packaged devices - Worldwide network of customers in over 25 countries - High quality articles at reasonable pricing WE PRODUCE General-purpose and application-specific semiconductors and ICs for communication, audio-video, battery chargers, power supplies, main boards of PC, home appliances, automotive and industrial application, energy saving and other fields. WE DESIGN ICs for power management, MOSFETs, high-voltage bipolar transistors, Schottky diodes and other parts Our product portfolio covers a wide range of items including - Voltage regulators 78XX, 79XX, 78LXX, 79LXX, IL2931-XX, AMS1117A-XX, IL233-XX series, TL431A, TL432A, LM1084, LM1085 - Schottky diodes (1A – 20A, 20V – 100V) - Low-power and power MOSFET (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) - Bipolar transistors - Melody chips and many other items. UE “Transistor Plant” yearly renews about 25 to 30% of its commercial products.

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