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Job Title: Tool and Die Maker

Department: Maintenance


  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Should have or show the abilities of a journeyman level tool and die maker and machinist
  • Should possess previous metal stamping experience in a fast paced production environment
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and show the ability to work well within a team environment
  • Must demonstrate the safe operation of machine shop tools with little or no supervision.
  • Should have previous experience and knowledge of progressive, form, blank, pierce, trim and drawing dies.
  • Should be skilled in the use of various precision measuring equipment such as Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Gage Blocks, Radius and Angle Gages, etc
  • Should be able to demonstrate the ability to read various CAD drawings and hold tolerances to within +/- 0.001
  • Must be able to safely set up and operate manual Milling Machines, Lathes, large and small Surface Grinders, Blanchard Grinders, horizontal and vertical Band Saws, Drill Presses and Shapers
  • Must be skilled and proficient in the use of miscellaneous hand tools required for the task.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot, diagnose, modify and repair various types of dies and fixtures.
  • Must possess all of the required tools for the specified trade.

Job Duties:

  • Clean die after operation. Check for damaged parts.
  • Grind punches and buttons and trim details.
  • Change over die according to part and tooling print.
  • Make minor die repairs as instructed by Management.
  • Operate surface grinder, lathes, milling machine and hand tools.
  • Use measuring tools and hold tolerances within specified limits.
  • Maintain work area in clean and safe condition.
  • Wears all required safety equipment and apparel. Ensures that all safety devices are in place and operational prior to starting production. Reports to management any unsafe or malfunctioning safety devices or other equipment. Observes all safety rules and instructions.
  • Responsible for checking own work for compliance with Quality Standards. Looks for other production irregularities. Reports to management any irregularities in production quality and on equipment needing repair, maintenance, or adjustments.
  • Performs other duties as may be required.


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