Injection Mold Making

What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for Injection Mold Making? 

Injection Mold Making is an efficient and economical process of producing a part in a particular shape. Injection Mold Making allows its producers to produce anywhere from one to hundreds of millions of parts that are the exact shape, quality and dimensions. The actual process of injection mold making is a simple process of shaping pliable material using a mold. A liquid, such as glass, plastic or metal id poured into the mold and allowed to harden and as it hardens it takes the shape of it’s given mold. Though anyone can construct a mold and produce, and object made from mold making, with a little know how, Injection Mold Making companies have sophisticated machines that complete the task from start to finish. There are many, many products made form injection mold making. Phones, keyboards, computer mouse’s and speakers are just a few. Many parts found in today’s automobiles, as well as entire body panels of automobiles, are also constructed using this method. 

Designing Parts for Injection Mold Making 

It has several elements that need to be considered. The wall thickness is important for the integrity of the mold. Good draft angles are necessary for the removal of the mold and should be applied in the direction away from the cavity and core of the mold. Finally, corner radius needs to be considered. Proper radius is the same as the wall thickness of the mold and helps reduce stress on the corners of the mold that can lead to warping of the product. 

Sourcing Injection Mold Making 

Is simply a matter of finding the company that fit’s you need? There are numerous companies that service small jobs that produce 10-1,000 pieces and company that service order of 100,000 or more parts. The following are some of the more well-known and popular injection making companies along with links to their sites. With the supply and demand high for many of the products that can be produced by injection mold making, this process has provided companies with a reliable, efficient, fast and economical way to meet the demands of their clients. This process has help to solve many problems in the field of producing complex parts.

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