Webinar: How to Save Time & Money Buying Injection Molded Parts in Asia


How to Save Time & Money Buying Injection Molded Parts in Asia

Find the best injection molding manufacturer for every part, every time.

October 22 – 11am ET

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So, you’ve heard buying injection molds and parts in Asia can save you money, but you’re not sure where to start. Finding a high-quality manufacturer from a reliable source who will deliver your parts on time and under budget can be scary.

You need a platform with a community that enables you to discover new manufacturers and build relationships with those most qualified to help your business grow.

That’s where we can help. It’s what we do for businesses every day.

Join industry experts Ronald Hollis and Jonathan Ross for a live webinar on October 22nd at 11am ET and learn exactly how to source parts in Asia, including:

  • How to identify and qualify suppliers in Asia
  • Tips and best practices for buying parts in Asia
  • Calculating the true cost of doing business with foreign suppliers
  • Expert advice on manufacturing in Asia from industry leaders
Ronald Hollis Headshot

Ronald Hollis, President and CEO, MFG

Ronald Hollis, President and CEO, MFG Dr. Ronald Hollis has been involved in product development for 29 years. He began his journey in 1990 working as a design engineer for The Boeing Company on the International Space Station. His hatch track design is currently floating in space, so let’s hope a door doesn’t get jammed.

Ron is passionate about making product development more efficient, mostly driven by the slow approach of NASA and the giant wall that existed between engineering and manufacturing. As such, his professional pursuit has been to leverage technology to make product development FASTER. This pursuit was realized with the development of Quickparts.com, a business that changed the way engineers buy low volume parts by allowing instant online quoting and purchasing.

Now, Ron is focused on continuing his pursuit of making product development faster by helping manufacturers grow their business with the power of MFG, the smartest marketplace for custom parts.

Jonathan Ross Headshot

Jonathan Ross, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, MFG

Jonathan is the Director of Sales in the Asia Pacific for MFG. With 16 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, he has demonstrated accomplishments in managing plant operations with 300 employees, achieving sustained growth and profitability.

His expertise lies in business strategy, plant management, sales and marketing best practices, and driving continuous improvement. He is also an Industrial Fellow at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge and a member of the Swiss Chamber management board.

Join us and learn how to source parts in Asia the right way.

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