Getting Started with MFG
Build a MFG Company Profile

Thousands of buyers are searching MFG looking for their next supplier.  Build your profile to show them why they should choose your facility.  Join the MFG marketplace and demonstrate to buyers why they should make you part of their supply chain network. 

Upload photos, share your capabilities and describe what makes your facility unique. Build a complete profile so buyers can easily find you when they are searching, and quickly connect with you. 

Grow your digital presence with MFG and be discovered by thousands of custom part buyers
Share Your Capabilities with MFG

The MFG marketplace is home to a wide range of manufacturing needs.   To help ensure that you will be able to quickly access RFQs that match the services you provide, begin by selecting your capabilities.  You can start with just one or two, or select them all, but we highly recommend only selecting services that you are able to provide. 

Once you have narrowed down a few capabilities, finding the right RFQ is just a click away!

Search and Find Your Next Customer on MFG

After you have selected your capabilities, let our search algorithms find qualified buyers with active projects for you to review.  Find and view specific RFQs that fit your core capabilities.   Research buyer profiles and connect with them directly to better understand their needs and win new customers through MFG.

Quote Your First RFQ

The final step after finding the right RFQ is to submit a quote to the buyer for the project.  Using MFG's standardized quoting platform keeps things simple and fast, and ensures that all of the project requirements are included.