Fireside Chat: Competing and Connection in a Digital Age

Fireside Chat with Ron Hollis and Darrin Mitchell

Competing and Connection in a Digital Age


Fighting to stay competitive? We got you.

September 23 – 2pm ET

Let’s cut to the chase. Fighting to remain competitive can be exhausting. Constantly trying to beat out a competitor on efficiency and price is not always feasible. But what other options are there? If you’ve experienced these frustrations, this upcoming webinar is for you.  

Join MFG CEO Ron Hollis, alongside Darrin Mitchell of Mitchell Industries, as they discuss the importance of connection in the digital age. This discussion is sure to be an intriguing one, as they cover 

  • How to break down your walls and become globally connected 
  • How to switch your focus away from competing on price 
  • How to utilize innovation to set yourself apart  
  • And more! 

At the end of the discussion, we will dive into actionable steps you can take within our MFG Community that will help you unlock your company’s full potential. It’s time for your business to reach new heights. Save your spot today!  

Join us September 23 at 2pm ET

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