Who is MFG.com?

Founded in 2000, MFG.com is the largest global sourcing marketplace for custom manufacturing. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, MFG.com is a privately held company with offices in Atlanta and Paris. With more than $115 billion in RFQs passing through the marketplace, MFG.com has helped thousands of manufacturers - ranging from small single-person machine shops to large conglomerates - increase sales and grow profits.

MFG.com is revolutionizing the way the manufacturing industry sources made-to-order parts. Sourcing professionals and engineers come to MFG.com searching for an easy-to-use sourcing tool that helps them quickly and easily find the right suppliers that have the expertise, credentials and capacity to meet their sourcing needs. From collaboration on specification/design changes, to awarding and order monitoring, with MFG.com, the entire sourcing process takes place in one location.