Can I use with any Internet browser?

For the best user experience we encourage you to use our recommended browser. (1)

Supported Browsers

You may use with any browser listed below. However, if you experience any issues, please use the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox (version 18 or later)

Please note that we do not test for compatibility with Safari and Opera on all devices.

Regardless of your browser type, you must have cookies (2) and JavaScript enabled to use

(1) A browser is a software application you can use to visit websites. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are examples of browsers.

(2) Cookies: Cookies are small files stored locally on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Cookies are used so the website or application can store information about you for the next time you come back to the same site. For example, a cookie might be used to remember your username or certain preferences you have set.