Frequently Asked Questions


This article describes how to install Firefox on Windows.

  1. Visit the Firefox download page in any browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer). The page will automatically recommend the best version(s) of Firefox for you.


  2. Click on the green download link to download the Firefox installer. Depending on your connection speed, the download may take up to a few minutes. Thanks for your patience… it’ll be worth the wait!
  3. Start the process by clicking Run.


  4. Then, just follow the steps (they made the process as painless as possible).

    Congratulations, you are done installing Firefox!

  5. Double-click on the Firefox icon whenever you want to go online.

For the best user experience we encourage you to use our recommended browser. (1)

Supported Browsers

You may use with any browser listed below. However, if you experience any issues, please use the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox (version 18 or later)

Please note that we do not test for compatibility with Safari and Opera on all devices.

Regardless of your browser type, you must have cookies (2) and JavaScript enabled to use

(1) A browser is a software application you can use to visit websites. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are examples of browsers.

(2) Cookies: Cookies are small files stored locally on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Cookies are used so the website or application can store information about you for the next time you come back to the same site. For example, a cookie might be used to remember your username or certain preferences you have set.

Founded in 2000, is the largest global sourcing marketplace for custom manufacturing. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a privately held company with offices in Atlanta and Paris. With more than $115 billion in RFQs passing through the marketplace, has helped thousands of manufacturers - ranging from small single-person machine shops to large conglomerates - increase sales and grow profits. is revolutionizing the way the manufacturing industry sources made-to-order parts. Sourcing professionals and engineers come to searching for an easy-to-use sourcing tool that helps them quickly and easily find the right suppliers that have the expertise, credentials and capacity to meet their sourcing needs. From collaboration on specification/design changes, to awarding and order monitoring, with, the entire sourcing process takes place in one location.


Your Account Manager will gladly reach out to your sales rep to notify him/her that you would like to renew your membership. 

ShopIQ information will become available to you seven days after any RFQ that you quote on has been awarded. If the status says “awarded to other” or “undisclosed”, it either means that the RFQ has been awarded offline or has not been awarded yet.  

The browsers that work best with the platform are Google Chrome and Firefox.

Please be sure to pay attention to the close date that is listed on each RFQ. Once it is closed, it cannot be re-opened. However, feel free to reach out to the buyer to see if he/she will still accept your quote.

At this time, we do not have a mobile app. Please be sure that you are either logging in from a desktop or laptop computer.

The help box is put in place so that you can reach out to a live representative immediately during business hours. Unfortunately, this is a feature that cannot be removed.

Please contact your Account Manager and they will be glad to assist you with logging in or re-setting your password. 

Adding an additional user has to be done through your Account Manager. Please feel free to give your Account Manager a call or send an email to add an additional user.

Please be sure to always mark an RFQ for quoting. By doing this, the RFQ will be stored in your “marked for quoting” folder so that you can easily locate the RFQ. Also, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager, so that they can look at your RFQ history to help you locate the RFQ that you were working on.

Our system is set up to where each user has his/her own dashboard settings. Therefore, it cannot be merged together. However, the primary user on the account does have the option to toggle in between accounts so that he/she can view the dashboards of other users to have access to their messages, RFQs that they have marked for quoting and RFQs that they have submitted quotes on. The primary user will be able to have full access to the account(s) of his/her additional users.

When you sign up with, you are asked about your business so that you can be subscribed to the categories that best suit your shop capabilities. You will not have access to a specific category unless you are subscribed to it.

Please keep in mind that RFQs will come through the marketplace as they are needed by the buyers in our system. Continue to log in daily and check your RFQs list so that when these parts do come in to the marketplace, you will be able to see them and submit a quote if you choose to.

After you ship the parts to the buyer and the buyer receives the parts, the buyer will log into the system, mark the job as complete and give you a profile rating. You will also be able to give the buyer a profile rating as well.

The key to winning jobs is to be consistent by logging in daily and quoting as often as possible. Our most successful suppliers quote at least 5 to 20 times per week. The more you quote, the higher your chances of success will be. Also, please use the ShopIQ feature to gauge your pricing. This will help you determine how far off you were from the winning quote.

If you are unable to remove an RFQ from your “Marked for Quoting” folder, it is because it is still waiting for an NDA approval from the buyer. To remove an RFQ from your “Marked for Quoting” folder, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “unmark for quoting.” Any RFQ that you submit a quote on will be permanently stored in your “my quotes” folder and cannot be deleted. does not offer a database for you to specifically search for buyers. The buyers that you will be able to see in our marketplace are buyers who currently have RFQs open and available for quoting.

When you sign up with, you are required to tell us the location of your manufacturing facility. You will either be listed as a North American supplier or an APAC (Asia Pacific) supplier. The RFQs that you will be able to access in the marketplace are based on the geographic location of your manufacturing facility.

Unfortunately, we cannot put payments on hold. Once you sign your contract agreement, you are agreeing to the payment terms and the set scheduled payments.

Buyers do become very busy and overwhelmed at times with calls and e-mails regarding quotes. However, in instances where you are unable to reach a buyer, we will have the buyer’s rep reach out to the buyer on your behalf and request that the buyer responds to you as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you have the proper software that is needed to open the drawings. Here at, we use a software called Solidworks to open the drawings. If you are still unable to open the drawings, I encourage you to reach out to the buyer and ask him/her to provide a format of the drawing that you are able to open.

Unfortunately, you have signed a one-year membership and your contract cannot be canceled. You will only be able to cancel after your contract expires.

As a courtesy, we can unlock up to 2 RFQs for you. If you are interested in adding a specific category, your account manager will team up with your sales rep and find out what the pricing will be.

You are unable to upload your banner because your banner has to be the exact size of 974x160. If you are having trouble scaling your banner down to this size, please contact your account manager, and they will be glad to assist you with adding your banner.

  • The RFQ is now closed for quoting.
  • The buyer has retracted the RFQ from the marketplace.
  • The RFQ is locked to you because it is listed under a category that you are not signed up for.
  • The quote form is not filled out properly. Each yellow highlighted box on the quote form has to be filled out and you must also check the box to verify your manufacturing location.

That is up to you. The purpose of a test-drive is to allow you to determine if is right for you and your business. A test-drive account allows you to see RFQs relevant to you (you do this by setting up your Saved Searches), but it does not give you the ability to view buyer contact information or quote on jobs. After you see the opportunities available to you, we are convinced you will want to become an member right away.

Pricing on is customizable to your needs. Contact a representative for more information.

Yes. When you have a paid membership, you work directly with the buyers that are looking to do business with you. Any quotes you submit go directly to the buyers. Any business between you and the buyer, happens directly between the two of you.


With, you can see your quotes in a comparable format so that you can quickly get to a “total landed cost.” You can request quotes from suppliers under the INCO terms that make the most sense for your business.

Only if you want to. A target price helps keep the supplier in the know about your target pricing, right from the start. Some buyers think this is the best way to go, while others think they should leave the target price empty and see what comes in. It’s your choice.

A design, CAD file and drawing with technical details is required when sourcing on Since you are asking a supplier to use your RFQ to prepare a reasonable, accurate quote, the files attached to your RFQ is all they have to base their quote on. The more detailed your specifications and designs are, the more accurate your quote will be, and the better a supplier can meet your needs.