RJS Racing Equipment Inc

제조소 악세사리, 제조소 가방 Michigan, United States of America

RJS Racing Equipment Inc 은(는) 에 위치하고 있는 Hazel Park, Michigan, United States of America.


  • Racing Apparel
  • Nomex Underwear
  • Nomex Hoods and Socks
  • Track Safety FR Apparel
  • 5 PT Racing Harnesses
  • 4 PT Off-Road Seat Belts
  • Plastic Fuel Cells
  • Polyester Race Car & Off-Road Nets
  • Polyester Safety Nets
  • Safety Straps for Multipy Purposes
  • Cordura Go-Kart Suits
  • Lined Cordura Carry Bags


  • RJS makes Safety product for the Racing Industry; rated by SFI FOUNDATION. We also make products for


  • RJS uses JUKI & Brothers industrial sewing machines & tackers. We also manufacturer our own steel ha

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  • Hazel Park, Michigan
  • United States of America 48030