Central Industrial M.F.G.

제조소 그라인딩, 제조소 머시닝 Michigan, United States of America

Central Industrial M.F.G. 은(는) 에 위치하고 있는 Harbor Springs, Michigan, United States of America.

Central Industrial M.F.G., 기계 상점, 날조, 작업 상점과 계약 업체에서 MFG.com에서 제조 서비스를위한 온라인 따옴표를 얻을. 구매자가 필요가 있고 공급자가 오른쪽 전문 지식과 능력이있는 경우 MFG.com은 구매자와 공급자를 연결합니다.

전체적인 평가의 평균    (받은 총 평가: 9 , 고유 한 고객: 8)

Central Industrial M.F.G. Central Industrial M.F.G.
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  • #528171
  • 2009-11-09
Good work. Parts built to spec.
Jay L.
  • #511645
  • 2009-09-03
Excellent supplier!
  • #485894
  • 2009-01-13
A very nice part
Karl L.
  • #463485
  • 2008-09-03
Great job. Will use again
Eugene N.
  • #446805
  • 2008-07-09
Excellent supplier, would use again.
Ralph H.
  • #446804
  • 2008-07-09
Excellent supplier, would use again.
Ralph H.
  • #444080
  • 2008-06-10
High quality, very nice parts.
Chris S.
  • #439255
  • 2008-04-30
Very good parts - will use again.
Douglas M.
  • #439387
  • 2008-03-13
They did an excellent job under a crunch time. The parts were perfect and on time, and they also completed other parts for us. They are now a preferred supplier for our company. They are reliable, on time and the work is excellent.
Tracy D.
  • Harbor Springs, Michigan
  • United States of America 49740