feather hair clip

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This is a hair clip. It has guinea feathers and peacock sword feathers glued from one point, which is concealed by a small plastic mirror. This is on top of a small pad, about 1" by 1" under the Feathers. The pad is glued to a simple snap hair clip. Some guinea feathers have a lot of gray extra near the end, which they have mostly taken off (a small amount is left). They're looking for a quote that will cover the price off all the parts and assembly. They are willing to buy samples to begin with. They're looking for something cheap and simple but don’t want it to fall apart after wear it for a week. The supplier is to provide all the materials. Please contact the buyer with any questions.

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도시 / 지역 San Francisco, California
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 509722

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접착: Gluing is the processes of assembling products using adhesives.