Washer, Spring Tension 7603499

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Note: Complete quotes preferred (quote all processes per drawing notes except military spec packaging, i.e. Mil Std 130). Please specify production lead time and approximate weight. If quote is not complete (i.e. no finish, plating, etc,), indicate clearly.

Need all certs. Buyer will accept delivery as soon as parts are ready.

Buyer is bidding to the DLA…government solicitations are very competitive…need best pricing.

구매자 정보

산업 Government Military
도시 / 지역 Roseland, New Jersey
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 593628
재질 Carbon Steel

상세 기술적 요소

카테고리 Beveled 와셔
치수 0x1 inch

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Beveled 와셔: Beveled washers are spacers used in structural applications. They have a flat side and a beveled side that allows them to compensate for a lack of parallelism between steel beams. They are generally used in conjunction with structural bolts.