Tube, Round, Fiberglass, 5.625 x 5.960,120.0

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Buyer is in searhc of a round fiberglass tube. Housing paper cores for cutting. This sleeve slides inside the core so the O.D. of this sleeve is critical. Please contact the buyer with any questions. 120" long.

구매자 정보

도시 / 지역 Neenah, Wisconsin
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 400012
재질 Composite
재질 등급 Fiberglass

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하이브리드 튜브: Hybrid tubing is composed of multiple materials selected for specific qualities their combination enables. For example, wire mesh exterior tubing may encase pliable inner plastic tubing for combined flexibility and strength under pressure. Common applications include tubing that is layered with various plastic combinations to achieve very small diameters with very flexible qualities for medial applications.