Tube Assembly, Metal

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Tubing material - aluminum alloy, ww-t-700/4, alloy 5052; Tube outside diameter - 0.375 inches nominal; Wall thickness - 0.035 inches nominal; End connection style - b11 swivel nut, flared; Mating end quantity – 2; Material - aluminum alloy and steel, corrosion resisting; Thread series designator – unjf; Nominal thread size - 0.562 inches; Thread class - 3b; Thread direction - right-hand; Seat angle in deg - 33.0; End connection spec/std - an818-l6d;ms20819-6j; Design form – straight; Overall length - 22.750 inches nominal; Special features - nut has lockwire holes drilled iaw as1; Tube assembly, metal, alum-alloy, 3/8 in. Od., 0.035 in. Wall thk. End item: b-52 aircraft Tube assembly, metal, alum-alloy, 3/8 in. Od., 0.035 in. Wall thk. I/a/w air force dwg# 8346695 and p/n -10.

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도시 / 지역 Bakersfield, California
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 350019
재질 등급 Aluminum Alloy

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하이브리드 튜브: Hybrid tubing is composed of multiple materials selected for specific qualities their combination enables. For example, wire mesh exterior tubing may encase pliable inner plastic tubing for combined flexibility and strength under pressure. Common applications include tubing that is layered with various plastic combinations to achieve very small diameters with very flexible qualities for medial applications.