Top and Bottom Adapter Plates

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Machining vs Casting of these two parts that are then Hardcoated.

구매자 정보

도시 / 지역 Bellevue, Washington
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 343082
재질 Aluminium
재질 등급 Al 6061 and Recommendations

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퍼머넌트 몰드 캐스팅: A reusable mold is used in permanent mold casting. The advantages of this process include near-net shape components, better surface finish, and improved mechanical properties. Finished products will not have fine details. In permanent mold casting a reusable mold is machined from metal, usually gray cast iron. It is constructed in two or more parts and hinged so the casting can be released from the mold. Liquid metal is poured into the mold fed only by gravity. Permanent mold casting is used for producing castings from alloys of aluminum magnesium and copper. Irons and steels can be cast in graphite molds. The term permanent mold casting and gravity die- casting are often used the mean the same casting process.