Seat (Bypass) Mold

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Make prototype mold. 1-8 cavities. Mold for part that is approx. 0.055" OD x 0.2" long. Please see drawing for complete dimension information. Must have less than 2 weeks turnaround. To be run on small Rolenn press. Gate location to be on outer diameter. No flash or gate remnant. Have done a single cavity mold - need another moldmaker. Material used in mold is rubber.

구매자 정보

산업 Medical
도시 / 지역 Woodland Hills, California
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 351870
재질 Aluminium

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트랜스퍼 몰드 메이킹: Transfer molds are made to accept molten plastic running through channels from a central storage pot. The heat and pressure generated in this system sets the molten plastic into the mold.