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A buyer in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg,GERMANY is looking to source 2 Fabrication parts.

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도시 / 지역 , Baden-Württemberg


RFQ 번호 540006

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제작가공: Fabrication services encompass a wide variety of manufacturing processes. In general, fabrication refers to the manufacture of parts, components, or products from metal, ceramic, fiberglass, glass, composites, plastic or wood. Fabrication includes cutting, bending, drawing, forming, roll forming, punching, bonding, and welding. Sheet metal fabrication refers to the manufacture of parts or components out of steel or aluminum sheets. Sheet metal fabrication commonly includes cutting, bending, punching, and welding. A common example is the manufacture of a steel enclosure, requiring a blank to be cut from the sheet, the corners punched or notched, four 90º bends that form the sides, and welding the side seams to create the final enclosure.