Power Supply

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Buyer requires a UL listed Class 2 single output AC/DC power supply that will accept 240 VAC input at 50/60 Hz and produce a 24 VAC output close to 4 amps ( just under 100 watts). Please contact buyer with any questions.

구매자 정보

산업 Consumer Products
도시 / 지역 Riverside, California
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 378962
재질 Other

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판넬 보드: A panelboard is a single panelboard or group of panel units designed for assembly in the form of a single panel including buses and with or without switches or automatic overcurrent protective devices, or both, for the control of light, heat, or power in a cabinet or enclosure placed in or against a wall or partition and accessible only from the front; also called a Switchboard.