Finger 2

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Production of a finger. Approximately 55.3mm long x 10.98mm OD.
Material: Per drawing, AL 6061 T6
Coating: Per drawing, with excellent Teflon soaking.
Quality: Precise dimensioning and surfs finish per drawing.
Timetable: Tight delivery schedule is extremely important for 1st batch.
Shipments: Shipments should be accompanied with a detailed C.O.C, C.O.A etc.
The buyer would appreciate if you could kindly send them (ASAP) samples of similar products made in your facilities for investigation.

Pleas include the flowing information:
• Production and shipment costs.
• Minimum production quota.
• Any technological limitations: Tolerances, material, etc. The buyer is having this part quoted in multiple categories in order to determine the most cost effective method of manufacture.

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도시 / 지역 , Tel Aviv


RFQ 번호 401955

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