Cover, Fairlead Shield

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Al. Aly. Casting  Dimension:  32.250" +.125 -.0 x 3.750" Thick Need Penetrant Inspection for castings in Accordance w/  ASTM E1417, Type 1, Method A, Sensitivity Level 2.   Castings must meet Class 3 Non-linear Requirements and  Class 2 Linear Requirements of MIL-STD-2035   See our other RFQ # 21747 for the casting drawing and production requirements Rough scan drawings provided; submit message to have drawings faxed direct.

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도시 / 지역 Quakertown, Pennsylvania
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 326519
재질 등급 ASTM B26. Alloy C355.0, Temp. T6

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