Compound Die

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Making of a die. Die needs to punch 150 mm round (with a flat) discs out of 0.004"-0.006" thick 304-stainless steel foil (see attached sketch). The final disc dimension is 150 mm diameter, with a 57.5 mm long flat (69.27mm from the center). The final discs must be flat, even to the edges, with as little burring as possible. The supplier should provide a suitable hand-operated press for operation of the compound die. The die should last for several hundred wafers. It should be sharpenable by surface grinding. Please contact by email with questions/quotes. The attached sketch shows the shape and dimensions of the final part that this compound die should be capable of producing.

구매자 정보

도시 / 지역 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 353923
재질 Alloy Steel
재질 등급 Hardened Steel

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컴파운드 다이 메이킹: Compound dies perform multiple operations during a single press cycle. Compound dies are commonly used in stamping where, for example, a die may form a flange and knock out mounting holes or slots in the same operation.