Collapsible Chair

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Attached are the 2D drawings of Chair components. All parts are 3/4" thick.

Current production is water jet cutting and we need to see if it is feasible to produce these parts in high density polyurethane structural foam.

If it looks feasible, we need costing on tooling and quantities as stated.

The chairs would be molded in 3 different colors and need to be package in retail boxes. We are looking for a turn key solution.

구매자 정보

산업 Consumer Products
도시 / 지역 Cincinnati, Ohio
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 342379
재질 성형플라스틱
재질 등급 Hi Density Structural Foam

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스트럭쳐 폼: Structural Foam is a term commonly used to describe thermoplastic injection molding components with a honeycomb, cellular core, in which the outer surface is denser than the inner layers. The combination results in a molded part with a high stiffness ratio compared with non-structural foam (compact) moldings.