30.5 Outer Frame Mill Finish

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Production of outer frame components. Please see drawing for details. Extrude aluminium per specification. Please contact buyer with any questions. The following part numbers are needed:
#W27990, #W53631, #W53629, #W53735, #W52535, #W28325, #W28002, #W29744, #W29717, #W29722, #W29721, #W29720, #W29719, #W54408, #W54535, #W29718, #W54402.

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도시 / 지역 , Western Cape


RFQ 번호 399738

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압출성형: Extrusion is the process of forcing hot or cold, semi-soft material, usually metal or plastic, through the orifice of a die, to form a continuous, designed or engineered shape. Common extruded shapes include tubes and pipes. Extrusions can be hollow or have shapes within their diameter, often used for reinforcement, making the extruded shape stronger and more durable. Extruded shapes can also be solid, such as rods, angles and channels.