#6 Ferrule

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Production of a shot blast finished #6 Ferrule. Approximately 0.834" OD x 1.4" long. Material is 1008 steel. Please see drawing for all specifications. Remove pitted surface rust. Supplier must be in north Texas area.

구매자 정보

도시 / 지역 Ferris, Texas
국가 USA


RFQ 번호 421824
재질 등급 1008

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샷 블라스팅: Shot blast cleaning prepares surfaces by directing a stream of abrasive particles against a part or a surface. This is accomplished with either an airless process using centrifugal wheels or an air-based system using compressed air. Shot blasting can be used for cleaning parts or to prepare a surface's finish, whether it needs a simple texturing or requires additional coating.