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Production of a reamed Threaded_Reaming_Tip. Approximately 0.23" OD x 0.86" long. Material is aluminum. Please see drawing for all specifications. Unless otherwise stated, the drawing takes precedence. Buyer requesting a quote for the attached files. Both pdf and dxf contain the same drawing - there is only one part to quote. Buyer want to have 100 of these parts machined in either aluminum or steel as inexpensively as possible. Please note that there is a quantity of 100 for quoting qty 1 and 2. Quote qty 1 as aluminum and qty 2 as steel. Indicate that you have done so in your quotation.


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상세 기술적 요소


치수21.844 x 5.842 inch

연 사용량:100.0

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림밍: Reaming is the process of forming, shaping, tapering or enlarging a hole or bore.