Switch Transformer -- 37360

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Production of a Switch Transformer. Please see drawing for all specifications.

1. The items must meet with UL listed, ROHS complaint, including the manufacturer and sub-contract materials. The UL File No. must be listed out in the quotation sheet for our verification.

2. Material supplier list on the print is only for reference. Supplier does not need to use it.

3. On the print, there are 5 sections, including: Dimension, Schematic Diagram, Winding Spec, Electrical Characteristics, Material list (Only for reference). They must be met accordingly, no deviation is allowed.

4. If the offer is acceptable, Buyer needs to see FAI (First Article Inspection Report) and the actual samples for verification and test.

5. This item needs to be directly exported to US periodically, the safety package and line up in the package will be strictly considered.

6. For the 4 items, please quote us in US$ FOB China port, by two different annual quantities, 200K, 500K, which is a must to be shown on Supplier's offer, please mark up clearly in the quotation sheet.

7. Production payment term: Net 90 days from Dock Date of US plant.

Please contact Buyer through MFG.com messaging system with any questions.


파트 번호:       37360 Switch Transformer
재질:       Carbon Steel
재질 등급:       

상세 기술적 요소


치수0.0 x 0.0 inch

연 사용량:500000.0

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트랜스포머: Transformers are used to convert voltage, current, signals, etc., from one form or level to another.