Seal Gasket

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Production of a seal gasket. Approximately 3" OD x 0.17" long. If you have a piece that is off the shelf already, that will work fine. The buyer justs need the 143,000 parts as and any included mold costs amortized into their target price. 40,000 parts must be delivered by the delivery date listed below. The buyer is having this part quoted in multiple categories in order to determine the most cost effective method of manufacture.


파트 번호:       SEAL
재질:       성형플라스틱
재질 등급:       Black TPE Shore 35 A -45 A FDA approved

상세 기술적 요소


치수4.318 x 76.2 inch


연 사용량:143000.0

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인젝션: Injection molding is a manufacturing technique for making parts from thermoplastic material. Molten plastic is injected at high pressure into a mold, which is the inverse of the desired part shape.