Manual Form Cyl- Nylon Form (#21 Quote Only)

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Approximately 2.0 inch x 2.0 inch x 0.62 inch. Please see drawing for all specifications.


파트 번호:       Manual Form Cyl- Nylon Form (#21 Quote Only)
재질 등급:       Nylon

상세 기술적 요소


치수2.0 x 2.0 x 0.62 inch


연 사용량:4.0

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밀링: Milling, CNC milling, or manual milling is the process used to produce prismatic components. A rotating cylindrical cutter with multiple flutes, commonly called an endmill, traverses along multiple axes to machine features such as slots, pockets and profiles. A machine tool used to perform milling is called a milling machine or the CNC version is often referred to as a machining center. Milling can be performed manually or under CNC control called CNC milling. Milling and CNC milling are performed by machine shops.